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Global Coverage

We provide a global solution and monetize traffic from every country, worldwide. Traffic Roots helps you create ads tailored to your audience’s interests, habits, and location, with a 100% fill-rate.

24/7 Customer Service

We’re here for you 24/7, because we’re more than just a service provider – we’re your partner, too. Day or night, we’ve got you covered.


Multiple Formats

We’ve designed a wide variety of web and mobile formats, so that you can find the best options for your business and maximize your ad revenue.

Real-Time Statistics

Life doesn’t pause for data. Neither do we. Traffic Roots offers real-time, comprehensive statistics on your ads. Filter by geographic zone, or see how you’re doing on the whole.

Tap Into Maximum Impressions!

Our Team

Traffic Roots is built by a team of industry veterans who know what it is like to count daily impressions in the billions. We bring together Executive Management, Systems Architecture and Javascript Wizardry. We built our self service platform to meet the needs of a wide variety of publishing and media verticals - from traditional, web based campaigns to closed circuit displays to emerging video ads and streaming television markets. We can monetize your traffic. If you've got a product or service to market, we can get you in front of the right eyeballs and drive your conversions like never before. If you need help breaking into digital marketing for the first time, our support team can guide you and train you on our system. If you are an expert, ready to start your own affiliate program on our network, we've got the tools and support for you, too.

We want YOUR Traffic!

Join our network and access exclusive features, while adding your own distinctiveness to our environment. The bigger we get, the better you will do. Our sales team are relentlessly pursuing all related sites and products in an effort to present the most diverse lifestyle network in this space. Signup today and receive a limited time offer in your inbox!


Traffic Roots provides publishers with the unique opportunity to monetize their website by getting in front of thousands of advertisers, instantly. We cooked up an algorithm that will generate relevant, high quality ads on your website, specifically chosen for your audience. Whether you’re a leader of the masses or the meeting post for the niche, Traffic Roots provides ads that your visitors will find useful (and your wallet won’t mind it, either).

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Get a first-hand introduction to the largest audience of prospective buyers and clients. We meticulously developed our ad software to connect you to sites and consumers with the biggest buying potential for you, earning you more money without ever breaking a sweat. Running a digital ad campaign across a multi-channel network is easy and affordable with Traffic Roots.

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Our Traffic

Traffic Roots Gets Visitors From Around The Globe. Here's a real-time Breakdown of our Targeted Traffic:

U.S. Traffic!

Traffic Breakdown: Top 20 States

23.9 %California
9.08 %Colorado
8.76 %Florida
8.61 %New York
6.74 %Massachusetts
5.98 %Illinois
4.88 %Michigan
4.81 %Pennsylvania
3.92 %Washington
3.43 %Ohio
3.28 %New Jersey
3.18 %Arizona
2.67 %Oregon
2.36 %Maryland
2 %Minnesota
1.93 %Connecticut
1.86 %Nevada
0.92 %New Mexico
0.86 %Louisiana
0.84 %Maine

International Traffic!

Traffic Breakdown: Top 20 Geos

90.11 %United States of America
5.41 %Canada
1.25 %Australia
0.4 %Germany
0.34 %Philippines
0.29 %Ireland
0.27 %Netherlands
0.27 %New Zealand
0.24 %France
0.23 %Sweden
0.2 %Spain
0.17 %Israel
0.15 %Norway
0.14 %Italy
0.11 %Puerto Rico
0.11 %Finland
0.08 %Denmark
0.08 %Switzerland
0.08 %Belgium
0.07 %Poland

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