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The No Contract


Powerful Ad Targeting. Flexible Solutions.

Campaign Wallets

Individual fund banks to keep your clients or departments organized

Lookalike Audiences

Expand your ideal audience by matching demographic criteria. Reach new people who are eager to engage with your brand.

Live Reporting

We don't cloak our ad placement. Fast and easy optimization. Display ads when and where they convert best.

Ad Formats

Standard RTB formats for display banners, video ads and mobile advertising.


General media buys and highly regulated industries. Cannabis, CBD, THC, Hemp, political, medical trials, cryptocurrency, online sports betting and more!

Facebook Integration

Use your custom Traffic Roots DMP to create ad target audiences. Publish to Facebook Business Manager to stay in front of your exact audience.

Social Extension Audiences

Extend your target audience by advertising to who they spend the most time with in "real life." Perfect for political and eCommerce sites.

1st Party Data

CRM, customer list, physical address, MAIDs, IPs... ingest your data and run your campaigns

Deeper Roots

Reach Higher

There’s nothing more powerful than a great ad delivered to exactly the right person. Traffic Roots is an advanced programmatic ad platform, allowing you to precisely target your ads to your most likely buyers.

Our Data Management Platform (DMP) offers easy, precision targeting. Injest your first party data and stay PII complient. Fully encrypted DMP to DSP or Facebook data transfer in SHA256, SHA1 and MD5. We care about the privacy of your consumers.

Highly regulated industries are welcome. Don’t see what you’re considering? Reach out, we’re pretty sure we can serve your industry.


Built for Growing Companies and Agencies

Programmatic advertising used to be the domain of very large companies. It was national, not local. It was technically complex. It had high up-front costs and expensive middlemen. It was simply impractical for smaller companies.

Designed specifically for smaller companies, Traffic Roots makes buying and managing programmatic campaigns quick and easy. With no contracts and easy-to-use targeting tools, Traffic Roots is perfect for smaller companies and marketing departments.

When it’s time to grow up from Google and Facebook, your DSP is waiting. The largest companies use programmatic because it works. Now you can too.


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