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Traffic Roots connects the gap between digital display advertising and the cannabis industry. We empower you to scale your digital advertising efforts by reaching more consumers, on reputable websites, and with minimum effort. We built the bridge to infinite digital marketing opportunities – and we’re going to help you scale it, too.

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Traffic Roots is a rapidly growing & actively innovative advertising technology service designed specifically for the cannabis industry. We leverage our passions – technology and cannabis – to map out the landscape of today’s digital ecosystem, so that you can grow to new audiences and thrive. We serve advertisers and publishers alike, amassing billions of impressions a day through our global Traffic Roots audience network. Whether you’re here to manage and optimize complex digital marketing campaigns, or become one of our many distinguished partnered sites, we’re going to get you in the green.

You’ve already planted the seed. Now take your brand further.


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A bot for Kia Motors today becomes first to debut a new Super Bowl ad

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