Changes in the cannabis industry are occurring at light speed, and perhaps none so fast as in the marketing space. Remember when cannabis ads showed up in our social media feeds, and then, in what seemed like five minutes later, Facebook/Instagram and Google/YouTube began shutting companies down for posting them?

The very nature of marketing is changing, too. Usually it takes a creative marketing strategy to get a company noticed. But in cannabis industry, where The Man is always one step behind, those battles have to be won at the tactical level. Where you deliver your message is just as important as what you say. Here are some real-world examples of killer marketing placements that work.

1. Advertise on a Vending Machine 

In the future, there will be vending machines for weed. Wait, what’s that? The future is now. A California company called Grasshopper Kiosks makes digital vending machines for dispensaries that carry anything from pre-rolls to beverages and include refrigeration to keep the product fresh. The hi-res video touch-screens are perfect for advertising your brand on the interactive screen. Or you can wrap the entire machine with your branding. American Green also makes vending machines that deliver cannabis products.


2. Find an Ad Network That’s Weed Friendly 

Far from conducting “digital raids” like Facebook and Google, there are a few advertising networks that actually want your cannabis company display ads, and have robust platforms that allow both publishers and advertisers to serve them up. Traffic Roots has burst on the scene with an online control panel that’s so simple to use, you can literally turn the dials of your advertising revenues and costs, and soon will enable your cannabis company ads to appear on mainstream sites, broadening the opportunity immensely.