Black Friday Marketing

Marketers are looking for the best ways to pivot and adjust for 2020. Successful marketers are taking advantage of the situation. The 2020 shopping situation has definitely changed and has become an e-commerce dominated world. Digital marketers have foreseen this for many years with the rise of Amazon and the fall of many retail giants that could not adjust in time. 

Don’t allow your brand to fall into the list of brands that have fallen for their lack of innovation. Arm yourself for cyber monday and black friday with an appropriate marketing and advertising plan.

Now, Black Friday quickly approaches and launches the scramble for holiday sales. Big retail companies like Target and Walmart began their “Black Friday” deals weeks ago, which means you are already behind.

But you haven’t missed the boat yet, there is still time!

We realize that it has not been an easy year but this is the time to take it back and generate significant revenue to close the year off right. The numbers speak for themselves and show that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are definitely a must if you wish to generate revenue for the holiday season.

30% of all retail sales occur from Black Friday until Christmas.

Which means Black Friday is the starting line that begins the shopping trend. However, you gotta start pushing marketing before the day in order to generate awareness in your brand deals. 

In 2019 Black Friday sales hit a total of $7.4 billion.

So if you’re planning on sitting this one out, look at what you may be leaving on the table. Those numbers were an all time high and will continue to shift towards e-commerce given the current state of retail. 

The average adult spends about $400 on Black Friday.

A lot of shoppers want to get all of their shopping out of the way quickly all in one shot and Black Friday is a great opportunity for that. Create opportunities for shoppers to bundle and save. 

2019 saw retail in-shopper business fall 6%.

With COVID-19 restrictions I am confident that number will become even larger this year. If you have not created the systems to track and have an effective e-commerce site, now is the time to innovate. E-commerce is not slowing down so begin to invest in your e-commerce systems in order to track performance and increase revenue. 

Curbside pick up is the secret weapon of retail.

Although we think of brands that only sell online as e-commerce, they are not the only type of e-commerce brands. Curbside pick-up has allowed retailers to provide users a system that allows them to easily order online and pick up at their convenience. Which means that if you have a retail location you can significantly increase revenue by setting up pick up or local delivery systems depending on the structure of your business. We realize some products can’t be sold online, but they can be marketed and with the right systems you can generate amazing results. 

$2.9 billion worth of Black Friday sales in 2019 occurred through mobile web.

It is crucial to make sure your site is mobile optimized and responsive to users making a purchase via mobile web. Especially if you are spending resources for Black Friday marketing. Many brands design an amazing website that looks great on desktop but then has a terrible scaled down version for mobile web. I agree it should not be as elaborate as the desktop version but it should definitely be easy to use in order to create a smooth buying experience for customers. 

66% conversion rates on mobile ads. 

We can’t stress enough to have a mobile site that provides results. It seems that common sense is not always common sense but there are millions and millions of users with smartphones these days and they put so much attention to them. Your Cyber Monday and Black Friday Marketing plan are depending on your website being ready for the traffic.

  • Responsive Website – users want to access your site from any device without the need to zoom in
  • Fast Loading (example: running AMP) – users are not patient and will “bounce” from your website if it’s not loading quickly
  • One-touch checkout (Stripe integrates with Apple Pay. They never have to get off the couch for their card for that impulse purchase

Having a mobile site that converts is an amazing tool to drive revenue. However, you must remember that your marketing strategy should reflect that as well. You should have an entire strategy focused on mobile traffic. If you are running banners we recommend the size 320×50, which is a mobile banner that can reach mobile web and apps. Also the size 300×250 will help you reach users on mobile web. The difference is that mobile web is when you go to a site in your browser as opposed to utilizing an app.

The message is clear, Black Friday marketing and being Cyber Monday ready are important to the success of your brand. Don’t sleep on it. We understand that you may have lost hope and scrapped the year already but people are still shopping. A great example is the release of the new Playstation 5. It has been sold out everywhere and people are scrambling to get one. Keep in mind that it also has a price tag of over $500. Take advantage of this opportunity and don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Get your ducks in a row. Grab the low hanging fruit and you know, all those other cliches to get you motivated to take action and generate results.


Most importantly, remember that you are not alone and our team can help. Our media buyers can help provide you a strategy and show you how our technology can help you be hyper focused on your audience. Reach out and connect with a Traffic Roots media buyer!