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About Traffic Roots

Traffic Roots is a programattic marketplace that offers both self-service and fully managed digital advertising placements on over 160,000 mainstream websites. Started in 2016, we first launched our platform to the world in 2018. Our proprietary demand side platform (DSP) is incredibly robust and incorporates the latest in technology to drive results to our advertisers.

Unlike many other advertising networks, we are willing to work with heavily regulated industries. We also offer comprehensive data sets that allow our advertisers to target based upon geo-location, demographics, income, and many other data points.

Our advertiser portfolio includes small business owners looking to extend their reach, national brands looking to capture new audiences, and agency partners looking to expand the reach of the clients they represent.

Our leadership team is as strong and nimble as the core of our technology.

Christian Valdez

Christian Valdez

Chief Executive Officer

Cary White

Cary White

Chief Technical Officer

Andrea Bales

Andrea Bales

Ad Ops Manager

Justin Michael

Justin Michael

Tech & Ops Advisor

Ed Rodriguez

Ed Rodriguez

Director of Operations

DSP Features

Agency Sub Accounts

Individual wallets to keep your finances and campaigns organized.

Look-alike Audiences

Use our GeoFence audiences to create look-alikeĀ 

Live Reporting

We don’t cloak our ad placement. Fast and easy optimization.

Ad Formats

Traffic Roots offers static banners, GIF, Video & Native


General, cannabis, CBD, political, medical trials, cryptocurrency, online sports betting and more!

Flat Rate Data

Unlimited demographic targeting per campaign, one flat CPM price

Social Extension Audiences

Expand your audience to those who your target spends the most time with in real life

1st Party Data

CRM, customer list, physical address, MAIDs, IPs… ingest your data and run your campaigns

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