Traffic Roots is a fast-growing and innovative advertising technology company. We create technology to maximize revenue for the digital ecosystem with an emphasis on the Cannabis, CBD, and Crypto industry. Building, breaking, and bettering technology at extraordinary scale is our secret to staying at the forefront of innovation.

Unlike many other advertising networks, we are willing to work with heavily regulated industries. We also offer comprehensive data sets that allow our advertisers to target based upon geo-location, demographics, income, and many other data points.

Our managed service and self-service options generate value for advertisers and publishers, serving billions of impressions a day via the global TrafficRoots audience network. Advertisers use our self-service ad platforms to deploy, manage, and optimize complex digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Our programmatic marketplace offers both self-service and fully managed digital advertising placements on over 160,000 mainstream websites. Started in 2016, we first launched our platform to the world in 2018. Our proprietary demand side platform (DSP) is incredibly robust and incorporates the latest in technology to drive results to our advertisers.

Our advertiser portfolio includes small business owners looking to extend their reach, national brands looking to capture new audiences, and agency partners looking to expand the reach of the clients they represent.


To provide mainstream technology for brands to engage mainstream consumers.

To utilize technology & our proprietary data platform to identify those consumers

To use data analytics and targeting to engage consumers more efficiently & effectively through video, mobile, and display programmatic advertising. 

To provide an ad platform for industries eschewed by Facebook Ads and Google ads, such as cannabis, online gambling, and the adult industry.


Traffic Roots’ proprietary ad platform utilizes deep data insights and unique GEO targeting to provide you with the most efficient return on your ad spend. Our data platform allows you to draw multiple polygons around locations, and go back in time up to  twelve months to identify foot traffic at that location. Once you have that information, we’ll work with you to generate an audience from that data, then remarket to them. We can also reverse engineer interests to create ad audiences based on demographic data, pull data based on ZIP codes, CRM databases — the possibilities are almost endless.

You can even run recurring reports to get new audience data, and use that to refresh your marketing campaigns. Our technology quantifies lifestyle affinities for unparalleled audience insights. 

Please note that this data platform is only available to our internal media team and managed service clients. Our self-service option allows you to choose the products that you want to promote, and allows publishers to choose which ad categories they want to include on their site. Traffic percentages change in real-time. Advanced targeting options allow you to whitelist sites, countries, states, platforms, and counties to whitelist. If a user has previously purchased a product from you, you can add them to a negative retargeting list so that they do not see your ads for that product, thereby reducing wasted ad spend. 

We are constantly evolving our technology platform to stay at the forefront of the ad industry. Contact us to learn more, or to schedule a demo. 


If you’re tired of policy violation notices and disapproval messages from the larger ad networks, let’s talk. Not only are we friendly to all advertisers and their industries, we have the practical knowledge and the proprietary tools that will drive results.

Traffic Roots was founded on a philosophy of getting our advertisers better results at a lower cost. Whether you’re looking for brand lift, customers, clients, or leads – we can help. Schedule a call with one of our marketing specialists today.