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Get in front of thousands of potential customers, instantly. No elevator pitch or three-piece suit required.

Get a first-hand introduction to the largest audience of prospective buyers and clients in the cannabis industry. We meticulously developed our ad software to connect you to sites and consumers with the biggest buying potential for you, earning you more money without ever breaking a sweat. Running a digital ad campaign across a multi-channel network is easy and affordable with Traffic Roots.

Tap into more than 155 million impressions

Gain instant and exclusive access to the largest cannabis and vape-friendly websites from one single platform. Whether you’re looking to publish on the industry heavy-hitters, uniquely niche, both, or anything in between, we have the backstage pass to advertise on your favorite sites.


Extreme traffic targeting

You can rely on our advanced targeting features to ensure your ads reach the right audience and exceed your CPA goals. Our software takes definers like geography, language, OS, browser type, website, device and more into consideration when deploying your ads. Rest assured, we’ve got your back.

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Track your conversions

Stay on top of the success rate of your campaign. Integrate our unique conversion tracking tools with your site, and monitor results and ROI in real-time.


Multiple ad formats

Customize your advertising efforts with a variety of ad formats. Try standard formats or even take a more creative formatting approach, and increase your reach while you experiment.

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Behavioral targeting

Keep your brand highly visible, so that you can rake in maximum profits. Our retargeting software will generate greater sales by reminding users of where they left off on your page, and encourage them to come back and follow through with purchase.

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Cost control

We are all about advertising efficiently, not expensively. Follow the results of your campaign in real-time, and set user-capping limits and daily budgets. We’ll make sure you don’t spend a penny more than you bargained for.

analyze-png-aspx-compressorBUDGET CAPS

Select budget parameters that specify the hourly, daily, and total caps for all your campaigns.


You control the number of times your ads are exposed. We want you in charge of how often your ads are run.


Specify the date and time you’d like your ads to be displayed.

icon_blue_mobileBID RECOMMENDATION

We dig deep into our data to provide you with an optimal bid, based on your campaign criteria. Our goal is to ensure your ads deliver maximum results, with minimum expense.

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