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Black Friday & Supply Chain Issues

Black Friday is turning out to be hugely affected by the supply chain issues we are seeing worldwide. As consumers, it is difficult to comprehend what exactly is happening and why the responsibility of cost is falling on the consumer.  Although we agree that supply...

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Dispensary Marketing Series: Geo-Fencing

Every single day you see customers coming in and out of your dispensary storefront - actual foot traffic. A client walks in, speaks with your team, and makes a purchase. Once they leave, do they come back? If so, how long until their next visit? How much is their...

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Mexico Decriminalizes Recreational Cannabis

This is huge... Mexico makes history today! On Monday morning the Mexican Supreme Court struck down a law that criminalized the used of recreational cannabis. Ruling was won 8-3 in favor of decriminalizing recreational cannabis.  This ruling was placed in effect to...

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What is Delta 8?

What is THC & How Does It Relate to Delta 8? Your average cannabis consumer may not be aware of the molecular structure of the plant and what are the chemical reactions happening. However, consumers continue to become more educated. It’s up to brands to educate...

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Mobile Advertising

Advertising technology has evolved in the last few years, especially in programmatic. Mobile advertising is the buzzword of the day. 92% of all online activity is preformed from a mobile device. If you’re not running mobile specific ads, optimized for these devices...

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Video Ads

Video is king! Content was King until we saw metrics start singing and dancing when that content was animated. But how can you make it king of your advertising and marketing strategy? Let’s look at what’s working and get to the “why,” of its place in your media buying...

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