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Dispensary Marketing Series: Geo-Targeting and Retargeting

Dispensary owners can agree; wasting money is never fun. If you're looking to scale, every dollar wasted on unsuccessful marketing efforts can inhibit growth. Unfortunately, too many businesses waste money on ineffective marketing. Traffic Roots understands that marketing is like fishing - sometimes you'll get skunked and other times you'll bring...

5 Seconds to a Click and Conversion

Clickbait: What is that? I can’t believe you just clicked on that. What were you thinking?? Yes, that’s where this blog is going, it is time to be honest and really dig in. The truth of the matter is that no matter who you are that first line did something for you. It...

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Holiday Digital Marketing Tips

Holiday Marketing We know you keep hearing how important holiday sales are and how you have to stay out in front of your clients to continue to drive awareness for your brand. So why aren’t you listening? Did you think this was going to be a nicer blog? The truth is...

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Cannabis Advertising Guidelines

Cannabis Advertising Compliance Staying compliant and safe is a big deal in the Cannabis industry. We have seen many brands get shut down for putting out false messages or just simply not knowing what they can and can’t do. Fortunately, we have seen it all and we can...

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