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Cannabis advertising in Canada has never been so easy or flexible.

Data platform (DMP) new expanded to Canada!

Managed solutions for Cannabis Brands and the agencies representing them. No contract Demand side platform (DSP)


Cannabis & CBD Advertising in Canada

DSP Features and Targeting Options

Traffic Roots is a robust programmatic advertising platform that can place your message in front of tens of thousands of web visitors each month. We offer lower costs and more engagements than traditional digital advertising platforms. Best of all, we are friendly to highly regulated industries.

Campaign Wallets

Individual fund banks to keep your clients or departments organized

Lookalike Audiences

Expand your ideal audience by matching demographic criteria. Reach new people who are eager to engage with your brand.

Live Reporting

We don't cloak our ad placement. Fast and easy optimization. Display ads when and where they convert best.

Ad Formats

Standard RTB formats for display banners, video ads and mobile advertising.


General media buys and highly regulated industries. Cannabis, CBD, THC, Hemp, political, medical trials, cryptocurrency, online sports betting and more!

Facebook Integration

Use your custom Traffic Roots DMP to create ad target audiences. Publish to Facebook Business Manager to stay in front of your exact audience.

Social Extension Audiences

Extend your target audience by advertising to who they spend the most time with in "real life." Perfect for political and eCommerce sites.

1st Party Data

CRM, customer list, physical address, MAIDs, IPs... ingest your data and run your campaigns

Cannabis Advertising in Canada

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

CBD and Cannabis advertising: solutions at your finertips. Laws and regulations change often, let an expert help with the your brand or agency representing a cannabis or CBD client. Our Demand Side Platform was designed for highly regulated industries and the brands representing them.

Robust on-boarding. Your dedicated Traffic Roots CBD Advertising expert will teach you everything you need to be successful using our technology. 

Don’t have time for the learning curve?


Fully Managed Solutions Available. Let’s Talk!

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