Cannabis Marketing Platform





If you’re in the cannabis industry and you’re tired of getting the boot from Google ads or Facebook ads (or nervously checking your ad platforms every day to check if you’re going to be booted), let’s chat. Traffic Roots offers cannabis dispensaries, CBD brands, MSOs, and agencies a platform to raise awareness of their cannabis brand cia display and video advertising on a wide range of mainstream websites.

Traffic Roots has a network of over 160,000 publishers, including cannabis, THC, and B2B publishers. This network, along with a demand-side platform (DSP) that allows you to target by geolocation, look-alike audiences, addresses, conversion, and more, allows for deep analysis on our multi-layered DSP.

Unlike search engine optimization, you won’t be waiting months for results. We gather data in real-time, allowing you to quickly attract potential customers, bring in new customers, reach your target audience, and raise brand awareness of your cannabis business.

However, data isn’t worth anything if you don’t know how to apply it. We have a team of dedicated marketing specialists who are well-versed in the cannabis industry that can create effective campaigns which blend seamlessly with our DSP. Our proprietary data platform allows us to build highly targeted audiences, and get you the results that you’re looking for. Since we don’t have any restrictions (like other programmatic ad platforms), you’re free to advertise your cannabis business however you want.


Google AdWords and Facebook ads just aren’t viable options for recreational cannabis shops due to their strict policies toward the industry. However, we offer a unique option for those operating in legal adult-use markets across the country. We target adults over the age of 21 who have visited a cannabis dispensary or adult use store in the past year. You can even focus on people who had only visited your local area so you don’t need to worry about competing with other dispensaries in your region for business.

Whether you run a medical marijuana dispensary or a recreational one, we can get more traffic and sales for your local business. Our platform allows you to upload data from your cannabis CRM tools on customers who have purchased medical marijuana products, or use the GeoFence tool to target known recreational cannabis users who have visited a dispensary in the past year.

Google AdWords isn’t allowed to show ads for medical marijuana dispensaries or recreational cannabis shops due to their strict advertising policy. We don’t have such restrictions, so you’re free to advertise your dispensary however you want.

CBD Advertising

If you run a CBD business, we can help with that too! Whether your products are derived from hemp or derived from cannabis, you can advertise on the Traffic Roots platform. CBD is a growing market, and getting it in front of the right people will allow you to grow your brand at a rapid pace. Regardless of whether you sell CBD online, in a storefront, or both, we can use your buyers’ data to target people in a specific ZIP code, address, or even specific location. For example, we can target anyone who went to the local pain clinic over the past month (based on their MAID).

We offer GeoFence tools, lookalike audiences, and more to help you get the best results for your CBD brand.

We offer CBD advertisers a variety of options, including targeting people who previously visited CBD-related websites. This way, you can target CBD users with the most relevant content in the least intrusive way.

Since we have an expansive network of publishers, you can choose to display your ad on over 160,000 websites. We also offer video ads if you want your brand message to really stand out.

If you’re looking to get the best ROI for your money, this is an excellent option. We have a long list of websites that are interested in featuring your products or services, so there’s no shortage of options when it comes to getting traffic. If you want the best results, then using our platform to advertise on partner sites is a great way to go.

MSO Advertising solutions

If you’re a Multi-State Operator, we’ve got you covered. We offer advertising options to help promote your cannabis related business, find a place to effectively spend your marketing dollars, and build awareness of your brand through a multitude of placement options (display, video, native, and more) on the Web. Since we know which channels can take on cannabis marketing while allowing you to be direct about your message, we can help you get the traffic and sales that you’re looking for.

We’re in the cannabis industry, so we understand the difficulties you can face when trying to gain brand exposure. Not only can Traffic Roots help you get noticed, as you expand we can help further your market penetration through geo-targeted ads, allowing you to scale while maintaining quality.

We can generate reports for you on a state-by-state basis, or nationwide. These reports can provide details on foot traffic, lifestyle interests, home ownership, income, demographics, etc — allowing you to integrate them with the rest of your marketing tools, and make effective decisions when advertising cannabis. On a more micro level, you can use our DSP to geofence specific locations of your stores, and retarget consumers who have visited that location and bought cannabis products.

Our network of partner sites is expansive, featuring over 160k websites (and counting). By placing an ad with us, you can get your brand in front of thousands of new customers.


If you run a digital marketing agency and you’ve signed on a couple of cannabis businesses, you’ve likely run into a snag when it comes to Google advertising. Neither Google nor Facebook allow you to advertise cannabis brands on their platforms, which means that your clients are not able to effectively raise brand awareness (and therefore get more leads and sales) for their cannabis business. Cannabis advertising is challenging, and Traffic Roots can help you get your clients increased sales and revenue through our DSP.

Whether you work with a dispensary, CBD brand, or an MSO, we have a solution. Our proprietary platform allows you to promote cannabis to complement your cannabis marketing strategy for your clients.

Our platform goes beyond search marketing to reach a wide range of audiences across the Web so that you can increase your client’s brand awareness and provide them with a reliable source for real-time results.


We offer custom audience tools that allow you to target people based on their location, interests, and behavior. We’ve helped thousands of businesses find success with our tools, and we can work with you to create a custom audience based on your needs. Using our proprietary tools, we can help you increase conversions and maximize your return.

Not sure where to start? No problem! We offer full-service marketing campaigns for dispensaries, grow shops, CBD products , and more. We can use your buyer’s data to find the right people at the right time so that you get real results for your business.

We offer a wide range of advertising options that can help you get the word out about your brand, whether you’re a dispensary looking to expand your customer base or a CBD company hunting for new customers. We have worked with many clients in the cannabis space and helped them reach their business goals.

The best way to get people to come back and purchase your products or services is by building brand awareness through strategic marketing efforts. We make it easy for you to market your cannabis business with ads across a wide range of online publishers.

When you advertise with us, we’ll show your ads across a massive network of premium publishers and websites that are interested in helping you reach your target audience. This way, you can choose which ad locations are most effective for your brand and budget, so you can focus on generating more business rather than wondering how to create ads.

If you have a cannabis dispensary or CBD company, then getting in front of the right people is essential to meeting your goals. If you’re looking to get the best bang for your marketing buck, then Traffic Roots is a great way to go!