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Cannabis and CBD Advertising

Self-serve Demand Side Platform (DSP) or Fully Managed Services

Cannabis and CBD Advertising Solutions


Create your target audience with your 1st party data. Each Traffic Roots DSP user has their own data management platform (DMP). Customize your unique cannabis or CBD audience while maintaining strict PII adherence.

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Traffic Roots targeting and placement ensures you run compliant cannabis and CBD ads. Our THC approved ad network is age gated and continually reviewed for compliance.

Age and precise geographic location targeting ensures state level compliance. We place every available filter to your cannabis and CBD ads. Your peach of mind is our peace of mind.

Prior to our DSP placing a bid, we have already determined that your intended target is legal and interested in your brand.

Target by country, state, DMA, Custom GeoFence, Demographic, psychographic... and more. Review the Traffic Roots cannabis and CBD advertising targeting options now!


State Level Guidance

Traffic Roots reviews every creative and landing page before publishing your ads. 

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Cannabis and CBD advertising laws and regulations can change hard and fast. We stay on top of these guidelines so you can focus on running your business.

Video Advertising

Cannabis and CBD video advertising with over 1.5bb available impressions each month.

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Video: Upload any cannabis or CBD video advertising pixel dimension. Our video player will resize to any available video inventory dynamically.

Cannabis and CBD VPAID and VAST video advertising and reporting coming soon!

Mobile Advertising

Cannabis and CBD mobile advertising with over 1.5bb available impressions each month. Static and video ads, in-app and contextual targeting.

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Mobile advertising for cannabis and cbd just got faster and easier. With contextual targeting and rubust, custom consumer data sets, Traffic Roots mobile advertising brings your brand front and center to your customers!

Fully Managed Solutions

Who better to trust your brand with than the pioneers who wrote the system?

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We've expanded our services for the holiday rush. Reach out to discuss your objectives. Let's customize an advertising that meets your unique objectives.

Banner and Retargeting Ads

Serve cannabis and CBD ads on our network of over 4.5bb available monthly impressions! Mobile Web, Desktop, Tablet and In App ad placement.

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Traffic Roots Cannabis and CBD banner sizes are all standard IAB ad sizes. We offer static and GIF banner ads with in the most popular sizes.

  1. 320 x 50
  2. 728 x 90
  3. 300 x 250
  4. 160 x 600
  5. 468 x 60
  6. 800 x 440

cannabis and cbd advertising



Premium Publishers

With over 160,000 publishers in our URL network, your ads are delivered with precision.

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Identifying your ideal audience is great, but only when your brand is delivered where your ideal consumers hang out online.

From naturopathic centered healing, healthy eating and music enthusiast websites to major publishers like Rolling Stones, Vogue, CBS & Fox Sports, we get your seen where you want to be found. 

Elevate your brand in Silicone Valley on sites like Wired and Looking to expand your female market? The Knot, Vanity Fair and cooking enthusiast placements are your ticket.

Let's talk strategy. Reach out and let's get your action plan together.

Canada & UK

Newly expanded DMP features now available in Canada!

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All of our targeting features are now available in Canada!

Publishing network in 160+ countries via API integration with your custom or white label DSP. 160,000 premium publishers for cannabis, hemp and CBD products.

Find Your Ideal Customers

Proprietary cannabis, hemp, THC and CBD data for your target audience power our bidding and media buying. We know where your consumers are and we show you how to reach them.

Managed Solutions for Brands

If you are a brand, we would be happy to manage your advertising campaigns.
The compliance and integrity of each campaign is our priority. Bringing eyes to your brand so you can find a return on ad spend is our delight. If we can’t quite help, we’ll know who can and are happy to make the introductions.






A Few of Our Publishers

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Rolling Stones Cannabis and CBD Advertising
Huffpost cannabis and CBD advertising
Fader cannabis and CBD advertising
advertise on Vouge
advertise on page six
advertise on the knot
Advertise on Vanity Fair
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Luckily, Traffic Roots has a solution and continues to keep advertisers safe. We continue to have advertisers approach us with a genuine concern to stay safe with advertising, due to the fact that we have seen brands take dangerous risks and pay dearly.

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