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Features and Use Cases

Cannabis, CBD & Cannabis B2B

Proprietary Cannabis, CBD & THC Data and B2B Publications. Contextual targeting and similar white list/black list feature for optimizing ad placement.


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  • Cannabis, THC and B2B publications for contextual targeting
  • CBD Online buyers targeting data
  • CBD Store buyers targeting data
  • Known THC consumers targeting data
  • GeoFence tool to target only those known THC users who have walked into a dispensary in the last year.

Dispensary GeoFencing: the perfect solution for cannabis and dispensary advertising. Create a targeting audience from those who were in a dispensary in the last year. Advertise to this known consumer and use our social extensions for more impact.

Set your Footfall Attribution reporting and review your conversions. We track when your ads have converted a new customer.

B2B advertising GeoFence

Political Data

This is a premium paid service. Create a location/district based audience. Target by voting propensity, party affiliation, and demographics. We will also provide a political insights interactive dashboard. Have a Data i360 CSV? Advertise just to those living in these homes. Transfer the audience to your Facebook Business Manager for the greatest impact.

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Using the existing Demographic Audience Builder, you can now create audiences based on political profile data. The political data elements you can use to build audiences include party affiliation, political donation and voter turnout as well as the 3 voter districts. The new political data elements can be combined with any of the existing demographic selector elements to create an audience.

The "Political Profile" is a new downloadable audience report. The report provides a breakdown of political data for the devices we are able to match to a political profile. The data includes the 3 voter districts and data for party affiliation, political donation and voter turnout.

In order to access the new report please contact your Traffic Roots support team member to discuss pricing.

GeoFence Audience +

Build custom GeoFrame audiences to target conference attendees. Send ads to competitors customers. Advertise to known dispensary customers. Simply choose a date range and the locations where your target audience spends time.

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Use our quick select audience builder to advertise to customers who visit any location in the US. Select a business category or business name. Now, start running!

Need a custom solution? Draw precise polygonal GeoFences around anywhere in the US. You can run ads to anyone who visited any location within the last year. Think on it. What could you do with that kind of targeting power?

Case use: demographic reports show that 80% your customers drive 5 miles to patron your location. You see that there are eight competitors within that area. GeoFence each of them to create an audience. Now, send ads to anyone we picked up there over the last year!

Perfect solution for cannabis and dispensary advertising. Create a targeting audience from those who were in a dispensary in the last year. Advertise to this known consumer and use our social extensions for more impact.

Set your Footfall Attribution reporting and review your conversions. We track when your ads have converted a new customer.

GeoFrame advertising DSP

Demographic Insight Reports

Review the exact count of your GeoFrame audience. Review demographic information, frequency of visits, and more.

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We have made the interactive demographic report available to all users (at no charge) you can now select this report through the generate/share reports function.
This report will be available as a free trial through Aug 31st
Let us know what you think of the report, we are always looking for user feedback!
Check out the porwer of Traffic Roots Audience Reporting
marketing reports

CRM/1st Party Data Targeting

Realtor? Ecomm? 

Create a targeting audience with one simple CRM upload of your addresses. Update as often as required.

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The Traffic Roots DMP now offers the ability to build audiences around a list of commercial and residential addresses. 

It's your data, isn't it time to capitalize on it while delighting your most engaging customers?

To create an audience in this way, select Commercial Address Audience or Residential Address in the Audience section. A template is provided for reference when inputting addresses and uploading them to the platform. This feature allows you the ability to automatically construct polygons around the specified locations from your list of addresses. To achieve more accuracy, define your radius according average building size. When processing is complete, you will receive an email notification and your audience will appear in the Audience Library. 

Now, run your ads and see your ROAS.

Footfall Attribution

Report when a target shows up at a desired location after being served an advertisement. This type of audience can also be referred to as a conversion audience.

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Set your conversion location and attribute your conversions.

Social Extension Audience

Real world friends and co-workers. Extended family and gym buddies. What do they have in common? They spend the most time with your target audience. People that spend time together talk and share what they have discovered. Therefore, you have the opportunity to be highly relevant. Be the discovery!

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Please reach out to your Traffic Roots Support team member to open this feature.

Traffic Roots DMP Social Extension audiences are very similar to “Household Extension” audiences. Traffic Roots Data modeling adds people who are socially linked. The Social Extension audiences are built from devices that are observed “Frequently Together.”

Example: Both devices are observed “frequently together” at the same bowling alley. Next, at the same fast-serve restaurants, the same grocery store, and the same drugstore. Since both shopped together at the same stores at the same times, we'd say they are friends. Now, get them talking about you.

Traffic Roots Social Extension audience combines the same location, time, and date. It is not household address driven. This feature is separate and distinct from household extensions.

Social Extension as an option along with "Regular" and "Household Extension" in the audience publishing menu.

Look-a-Like Audiences

Extend your audience by matching demographic criteria identified as your avatar. Reach a larger audience that fits your ideal customer.

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Now in betw, we would like your help in testing this feature! Let us know if you will share results on your performance of our look-a-like audience - let your support person know if you would like to participate in the beta!

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