Ideon Media and Traffic Roots Partnership to Help Canadian Cannabis Brands

Ideon Media and Traffic Roots Partnership to Help Canadian Cannabis Brands

Traffic Roots is very proud to announce our partnership with Ideon Media, one of the top agencies in Canada helping brands reach consumers that drive business.

A Toronto-based digital firm that offers a wide spectrum of advertiser solutions, Ideon Media specializes in custom content programs created by an award-winning in-house editorial team. By focusing on influencer programs, events, a performance network, proprietary data and analytics, Ideon Media reaches a combined total of 14 million Canadians.

The goal in working with Ideon Media is to provide Canadian brands a reliable outlet for marketing. The current state of the industry in Canada has shown significant growth and will continue to grow and evolve. The evolution of recreational cannabis in Canada is where agencies like Ideon Media come in. Together we are bringing forward marketing solutions for cannabis brands that are not available to them through traditional media.

Although the industry is growing, we believe that with the right resources that growth could be exponentially faster.

In 2020, Canada saw a 120% increase in sales from 2019 adding up to $2.6 billion. Clearly, showing that growth is inevitable in this market and hasn’t shown signs of slowing down. The major key to success is to make sure brands are strategically positioned for the long haul and have resources that help them succeed for years to come. This partnership between Ideon Media and Traffic Roots will accomplish this goal.

By working with agency partners like Ideon Media, advertisers have an edge on their competition and a real opportunity to beat expectations. We are excited to engage in this partnership and look forward to the future.