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We know how hard it is to run CBD advertising campaigns on conventional platforms. You have to deal with strict content and advertiser restrictions, which can be frustrating when you want to reach the right audience. That’s why we created Traffic Roots – so CBD companies could get great reach & results without the restrictions of ad platforms like Facebook or Google Ads. 

With our self-serve or fully managed ad solution, CBD brands don’t have to worry about a thing. Our fully managed ad solution handles everything from CBD ad targeting, campaign management, reporting and more. All you need to do is focus on growing your business while we grow your traffic.

How Do Our CBD Ads Work?

Traffic Roots allows for CBD brands and businesses to advertise via display and video ads to thousands of mainstream websites without the content and advertiser restrictions of conventional ad networks such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

With Traffic Roots’ programmatic advertising technology, we can create audiences based upon user interest – such as natural remedies, yoga, homeopathic medicines, etc. In addition, Traffic Roots’ geo-targeting capabilities allow CBD businesses to market directly to audiences that fall within a user-defined radius – such as gyms, dispensaries, vitamin supplement stores, etc.

Traffic Roots CBD advertising is a full-service solution that includes:

  • Targeting & optimization
  • Campaign management
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Bid management
  • Programmatic ad buying
  • And more

CBD advertisers can run ads across all verticals and geographies, targeting individuals on a network of more than 160,000 websites including news sites, entertainment hubs, content aggregators and more.

Find New Customers With Traffic Roots

When it comes to Cannabidiol (CBD), consumers are showing an increased interest in learning more about and then utilizing the benefits of these products. As the public awareness of CBD products being used as a health benefit grows, more people actively looking for reputable products and brands. Getting in front of these individuals with your brand message is crucial.

Looking at the latest data, consumer interest in CBD is on an upward trajectory, and there is no indication the awareness of these products will decrease over time. Programmatic advertising offered by Traffic Roots enables brands and retailers to run digital advertising campaigns without running afoul of policy issues often experienced when using other ad platforms. CBD companies can advertise CBD products directly to CBD-friendly consumers without having to rely on sketchy publishers or online magazines.

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Programmatic advertising allows CBD companies to reach their target audiences with ease, so they can grow market share and increase brand awareness. We can also use our proprietary geofencing technology to target individuals who frequent complementary businesses, such as yoga studios, natural-health stores, holistic doctors and veterinarians, acupuncturists, and more.

When it comes to targeting, we can target based on metrics such as gender, dwelling type (single-family home vs multi-family dwelling), marital status, income, children, home ownership, charitable contributions, interests, media usage, and more. Check out this sample demographic report.

Retarget Current Customers

Programmatic CBD advertising is a great way to get in front of CBD customers that have already shopped on your site. This is especially the case when you want to advertise CBD products to buyers who are ready for their next purchase. We can run programmatic display ad campaigns (as well as video ads and OTT ads) to shoppers who have purchased from your competitors, and point them to your site via mobile ads, OTT ads, and other programmatic ad tech.

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Differentiate Your Brand

Boosting brand awareness is highly important for CBD companies; programmatic ads help in this regard. By running native ads, vertical banner ads,  connected TV ads, and more, we can get your name out there and increase your ad impressions. Our team of CBD marketers is well-versed in CBD marketing, digital ad spending, and ad retargeting, using mainstream programmatic technology to get the best ROI for our clients. Our proprietary data platform gives CBD businesses unparalleled insights into who’s visiting their website, who’s buying, who’s looking, and who to target to bring them in. Most digital advertising campaigns can’t come close to this level of data, and if they can, they’re not looking to work with cannabis and CBD brands.

Are you a CBD company looking for an ad platform that doesn’t censor your ads? Traffic Roots is the place for CBD brands & businesses looking for programmatic CBD advertising solutions. We allow CBD companies to run display & video ads across all verticals and geographies, targeting individuals on our network of 160K+ mainstream websites. Other CBD clients run ads through our programmatic advertising channel — join them, and get the ad approval you’re looking for.

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