Clickbait: What is that?

I can’t believe you just clicked on that. What were you thinking??

Yes, that’s where this blog is going, it is time to be honest and really dig in.

The truth of the matter is that no matter who you are that first line did something for you. It caused an emotion for you. That emotion could be that you are confused as to what we are talking about. It could be you are literally trying to think what you clicked on. Maybe, you feel foolish initially because you may have clicked something you shouldn’t have or you are afraid you clicked on something harmful. 

Allow me to introduce you to the topic of this blog; hook lines. This can be known as clickbait or copy. We realize that clickbait has a negative connotation, especially in a world of ‘fake news’ that we live in. The reason that it is an issue is because some people try to mislead people to something that does not pertain to the content that catches your eye. 

However, it is not a bad thing to have content that baits people to click. Fish go for the bait because it is appealing but they die if they do that. Luckily, your consumers can go for the bait and get a high quality product. This is why it is important to provide value for your clients. 

If your ads are really misleading and your products do not align with the intention then you will have a lot of angry customers if any at all.

Clickbait gets a negative connotation but it shouldn’t be seen that way because it can provide you brand great value. Ultimately, you are achieving your goal and you are getting attention to your brand which is what every single marketer struggles with everyday. 

Human emotions are a wonderful thing and we need appeal to humans that are the ones seeing the ads even though it is a digital game. Headlines spark out natural human curiosity. We want to know more because that line caught our interest.

Curiosity isn’t the only emotion that is activated but we can also feel anger, lust, envy, fear, and many other emotions that will get people to take action. 

You’re really doing your customers a favor by providing them clickbait. Does that sound selfish? Maybe it is a bit selfish but e-commerce is a world with so many choices and can be incredibly overwhelming. Choosing the right product when you have so many options can be difficult so providing an engaging message to users helps them find your products and see how valuable they are. You can utilize storytelling to build interest and engagement with users and keep it light to interest them in receiving more information, thus building a lead magnet. 

The goal doesn’t always have to be a sale!

Building a strong following and leads can be very valuable and potentially generate a higher lifetime value for a client. 

Some of you may not understand what clickbait is so let’s provide some examples because it’s actually nothing new. The fact that it is online and you can click on the ads is what makes it specific and relevant but the concept is nothing new. It’s really about creating a captivating message that grabs your attention. 

He did what??

Clearly, this shows a farfetched story that sparks your interest because of the absurdity of it. I am sure you would be inclined to read this paper just to satisfy your curiosity. It is a clear example that “clickbait” is nothing new and marketers have been doing it since marketing began. We are seeing highly targeted campaigns reaching users that are actively ready to buy across our network. Campaigns offering deals and discounts in their holiday advertising have performed 5x better than simple branding campaigns. Driving more sales will allow you to justify the discounted rates for the holiday season. Depending on your product you can generate amazing lifetime value from converting them with a first time discount. Everyone is looking for deals right now. The trick is to make your deal so appealing that they can’t resist. 

We realize that you may be on the lookout for misleading clickbait but we have to see past those that are utilizing clickbait for evil purposes and wrongdoing. At the end of the day they are ruining it for the good marketers because clickbait is not all bad. 

If you have an amazing product or provide a great service then you must find the best ways to get the word out to more people. Customers will never be disappointed in clicking your ads because it led them to something of great value.

So keep testing clickbait and getting the word out about how amazing your brand is and it will be appreciated by your ideal customers.