COVID-19 Marketing Strategy

It seems toilet paper isn’t having any issues selling in this COVID-19 fiasco, but for everyone else; let’s explore how to make the best of the situation and adjust. This is a great time for you to sit down with your team to explore and dissect your e-commerce strategy and improve your pipelines.  Below we will break down basic strategy on how you can increase sales and awareness while social interaction decreases.


Sales have been rising for dispensaries as people begin to stock up for a deep self-quarantine. Dispensaries should be encouraging larger orders and marketing towards users that are looking to make larger purchases in order to avoid multiple trips.



Keep those shelves stocked and wipes on hand!!
Second, dispensaries with DELIVERY services should take this time to analyze how effective they have been marketing their DELIVERY services.
Consumers will be more likely to opt-in for DELIVERY services that will allow them to stay home and not make the trip out to the dispensaries.
Create ads that bring awareness to your delivery service and/or encourage delivery at a promotional deal. This increases delivery orders and decreases your chance and employee’s odds of exposure.
 Are your clients aware that you have delivery?

Great time to adjust and optimize your strategy!!


Let’s be honest, a lot of consumers are sitting at home with nothing to do and they are browsing online watching endless information about COVID-19 and just want to relax.
Are you expecting sales to just roll in or are you capitalizing on this great opportunity to market to users that are giving you their full attention?
Bring ease to people who have constant anxiety about COVID-19. Position yourself as the brand that is doing the right thing and bring consumers great products in a time of need.
Simply put, analyze your digital channels and see how effective they are. In the digital age, it is crucial for brands to have a robust digital strategy and continue to stay out in front of consumers.
Use a bad situation to bring value to your consumers!
Ultimately, Traffic Roots gives vice brands access to millions. Everyone’s attention is directed at their smartphones during QUARANTINE and Traffic Roots can help you reach people exactly where their attention is.