A successful marketing strategy can do wonders for your business and can create lasting revenue and growth. With the increased success of dispensaries and delivery services, we have seen a lot of marketing strategies implemented across the spectrum.

But – the big question – how can you gauge the success of your campaigns? If you can’t provide a clear picture of how well your marketing strategy is providing results, you can’t possibly be able to tell what revenue or benefit your strategy is providing.

Effective conversion tracking and attribution reporting will help you be efficient and impactful with your marketing campaigns. Conversion tracking can apply to both paid media and organic marketing. At the end of the day, if your team is investing time into something you must be able to track the success rate of that investment.

Proper key performance indicators (KPIs) are crucial from the beginning of a marketing campaign. Here are a few KPIs you need to be paying attention to:

  • Lead Generation – How many leads were generated?
  • Awareness – How many people were reached?
  • CTR and Clicks – How many people did we have to reach to achieve a click?
  • Direct Sales – How many sales did we make?
  • CPL – How much did it cost to get one lead?
  • CPA – How much did we spend to acquire a client?
  • Retention – Did we increase the rate of client retention?

Once you have identified your KPIs you can then set up proper tracking of these important conversions.

Have you considered how your current tracking tools are functioning?

Conversion and attribution tracking is important and you should be spending some time to ensure your systems are properly set up. A simple way to make sure you have a trackable process is to go through it yourself. By performing a few test transactions you can literally walk through your customer’s journey to make sure it is a smooth transition.

Traffic Roots offers internal conversion pixels that can help you track these important marketing conversions. Our easy to install pixel can track users from the top to bottom of your sales funnel, giving you access to the full picture of your client’s journey. Additionally, our attribution reports can provide you a heat map so you can better visualize your customer journey. Traffic Roots empowers you with the tools you need to see where your clients are coming from and where they are going – which allows you to structure a local marketing strategy based on strong data points.

As a bonus, our attribution system can illustrate active users entering competing locations as well as yours. This gives you an idea of clients you are converting from your competitors and where you may be missing out.

Schedule a call today with one of our Marketing Experts. During our welcome call we will show you exactly how these proprietary tools can help you increase your bottom line by building better, data-proven marketing campaigns.