As the cannabis industry evolves, so do its retail customers.

Being able to adjust marketing strategies is more important by the day, given the nature of the business. We all love our customers and I am sure you are very grateful for their continued support. But how well do you actually understand your average consumer? Do you know their age? How about their gender? Do you know which people have bring the most per-ticket revenue? If you answered yes to any of these questions, great! Knowing your target consumer is not only smart business, it can help drive future marketing decisions.

..but are you actively trying to find similar customers to increase your bottom line?

Point-of-Sale systems can be an amazing tool to gain insight on sales peak times and transaction data, but the next step in understanding your customer base is painting the picture of who your clients actually are.  Utilizing the result of multiple data sets can help you make better decisions for the future.

Traffic Roots provides dispensaries with those tools that will take your business data to the next level. As we just mentioned, data is a great tool to provide better insights to your clients, but data is worthless if it doesn’t have any application. Closing the loop and finding a way to utilize your data is key and Traffic Roots provides our advertisers with that opportunity.

Here are just some of the data points we can provide for you: 

  • Understanding foot traffic
  • Zip code data
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Income levels
  • Interests
  • Frequency of visits
  • Client Hot zones 
  • Site visits
  • Ecommerce Sales

MSOs are utilizing this data to understand how locations across state lines compare to each other along with competitor data. We can provide this granular information to anyone using our platform.

How does Traffic Roots close the loop on the data? We provide you the platform that gathers thousands of data points using advanced machine learning techniques to help find your ideal client – giving you the opportunity to build a marketing strategy that can directly target the right people. With Traffic Roots, you can then take things a step further and create lookalike (LAL) audiences from those users. Additionally, you can create extension audiences from first party and LAL data that allow increase reach immensely to users with similar characteristics. 

As with any AI-learning platform, your data will only get better over time because our system learn to become more effective and impactful with your best converting audiences. Understanding your client will become second nature to you and scaling your marketing strategy will be easy as pie. 

Our marketing experts can provide you with a full report to understand your business or competitors. You can check out some of our demographic tools using our Dispensary Insights Report tool and don’t hesitate to book a welcome call with one of our marketing specialists to learn what Traffic Roots can do for you.