Every single day you see customers coming in and out of your dispensary storefront – actual foot traffic. A client walks in, speaks with your team, and makes a purchase. Once they leave, do they come back? If so, how long until their next visit? How much is their average spend over the course of a month? A quarter? A year?

While every sale matters, a higher customer lifetime value will create long term business growth. Unfortunately, in this business, many dispensaries are solely focused on day-to-day revenue because of the difficulty of being able to effectively track consumer behavior over time.

Lets take it a step further. Have you taken the time to explore who’s walking in the door of your competition and how often they’re returning? Are there ways you can capitalize on any ineffective strategy?

If you’re unable to track your own lifetime value, then its nearly impossible to track what is happening down the street. Fortunately, Traffic Roots offers the tools needed to both gauge your dispensaries consumer behavior and the behavior of your competitions’.

Geo-fencing is the answer.

Our inherent and proprietary geo-fencing tools allow you to build a digital fence around a specific location. Once that radius is set, we give you the ability to extract consumer data from it. This audience contains gender, age, income, proximity to the address and is able to be parsed from any date range. With Traffic Roots, not only can you extract audience data for your store’s address, we allow our advertisers to build an audience using any radius. Your retail location, the storefront down the street, a well known dispensary in Vegas – literally anywhere.

Utilizing Traffic Roots, you can now target any consumers (yours or another’s) via our network and create a higher LTV by staying in front of your clients. We give you opportunities to generate a lead from those audiences or provide them a deal to return. Our geo-fencing tools allow you to super serve your loyal customers and entice new consumers eager to buy directly into your store.

Schedule a call with one of our marketing specialists today and we’ll show you exactly how our geo-fencing tools can take your dispensary to the next level.