Dispensary marketing is a process that is continually evolving. With new roadblocks and hurdles in the conventional marketing space daily, we understand that it is not easy for dispensaries to reach active users effectively. Fortunately, Traffic Roots has blazed its own trail and have created a platform that gets both exposure and results. In fact, we offer specific solutions for dispensaries and retail locations that can provide significant results. 

Our team at Traffic Roots is a great resource for dispensary marketing and cannabis marketing. More than just a programmatic ad marketplace, we aim to help clients navigate through our technology and provide guidance and resources that help advertisers generate sustainable growth. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be releasing our Dispensary Marketing Series of blog posts that will explore targeted and effective techniques for dispensary clients nationwide.

Simply, we will be providing a free resource to illustrate how a dispensary can utilize the tools Traffic Roots provides to scale an effective and impactful marketing strategy. 

We ask that you come along on the journey but not silently. Engage with us and reach out to our team to open up the conversation regarding your experience marketing in this difficult landscape. Comment questions and concerns on the individual posts and we’ll reply. The purpose of this series is to provide education and answer any specific questions you might have.

Our Dispensary Marketing Series will provide in-depth information regarding the following topics:

We will show you how these tools can help provide amazing results to scale your marketing strategy and stop wasting time on billboards and traditional media. 

Join the conversation and stay tuned!