Ecommerce Holiday Marketing

Retail Is forever changed but e-commerce is thriving!

Target and Walmart are closing for Thanksgiving. Amazon launched their new “Prime Day” model. Which means there will be no camping out for amazing deals. This list also includes Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, and Ulta just to name a few. Giant retailers are making the adjustments which means small businesses should definitely be adjusting to their ecommerce holiday marketing plans as well.

This year is definitely an adjustment for everyone but many of these changes have been making waves for years now. E-commerce is not the future anymore. It is crucial for your business to have an e-commerce presence. Ecommerce holiday marketing will be critical this season unlike any we have seen in years past.

The question is what does that look like for your business model. In vice industries like THC products it does take a bit of creativity and innovation to adjust. 

Ecommerce Holiday Advertising in 2020 – Different, But Not Impossible

Actually, it is very simple with the right strategy and vision. Curbside pickup and delivery are  one secret weapon that dispensaries have used to adjust. We have a few other tricks up our sleeve but for that you gotta connect with our strategist directly.

We Can’t Give you the Whole Playbook! (Except we Can)

The model of curbside pickup has been a great for many businesses in 2020. The ability to do it effectively has proven to generate amazing results. Your retail location is no different, but the difference for success will be appropriately advertising this adjustment during the holidays to cut through the noise of other advertisers. Retailers like Macy’s are investing a lot of resources into making curbside pick up the key to driving more revenue this holiday season. What do you have in place to announce to your loyal buyers?

What About THC Retail, Hemp and CBD Holiday Marketing?

Obviously, this is a model that can be replicated by Cannabis retailers alike. This is a great time to finally make the adjustment and invest in the future of your business. E-commerce and digital marketing strategies can no longer be ignored in today’s market. Your cannabis and CBD advertising and marketing efforts need to be streamlined to consistently deliver your messaging across all vertices. New restrictions or offers, Ecommerce holiday marketing, new products announcements, curbside? Use similar branding and messages between your newsletters, print marketing, digital ads and social posts.

Last year over 190 million people shopped online during the Thanksgiving 4 day weekend including Cyber Monday. That number grew YoY and is expected to grow exponentially this year as well. 

What’s My Best Course of Action for Holiday Marketing in 2020?

The best move right now, is to set all the pieces in place to drive as much business as possible for the holiday season. Whether it is your first year establishing a new strategy or you’ve been building up for years now and you’re looking to increase performance, it is still crucial to take inventory of your current strategy. This will provide you a starting point and help you establish a roadmap for your marketing strategy. 

Lastly, the most important part will be to have an effective website that will provide users a great experience. We recommend utilizing Woocommerce for your e-commerce site because it will allow you to have more control and track things closer. And of course, we would be happy to show you how to use the Traffic Roots DSP for easy, compliant and targeted CBD and Cannabis advertising needs.

2020 is the year to push a strong e-commerce strategy… are you ready?