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When will I get paid?

Publishers will get paid at the end of the month if they have earned at least $250, otherwise you will not be paid until you’ve earned $250.

How can I increase traffic on my site?

Publishers are able to become advertisers on our platform as well. This will allow publishers to advertise their own site to increase traffic and create more awareness. Additionally, driving social media users to your site is another good tactic to increase user...

How is my traffic monitored?

Traffic is monitored through our dashboard, which is available for our clients to use anytime by logging into our site. You can view real-time analytics to monitor your traffic and ad revenue.

Will ads show up on mobile traffic?

If your site is mobile responsive, the ads will adapt to mobile ad zones and will be displayed in a similar fashion as the desktop version. You can improve performance dramatically by making the needed changes on your site to recognize mobile visitors and serve them...