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Frequently Asked Questions for Advertisers
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  • 1. How do I know where my ad is being shown?
    • Our network will optimize your ad according to your needs.
    • Targeting will customize your reach to ideal audience for your ads.
    • We are a blind network and will always show your ad to get the best results you desire.
  • 2. Which tools does Traffic Roots use for targeting?


      1. Geo-targeting
        • Target specific Countries, such as United States and Canada.
      2. Re-targeting
        • Re-targeting generates greater online sales by keeping your brand front of the users while they browse other websites. The high CTR and increased conversions that are typical with re-targeting campaigns underscore the value of good branding and repeated exposure.
        • Re-targeting brings window shoppers back to your site so they can make or complete a purchase. Re-targeting lets you customize which ads you serve to people based on the way they’ve interacted with your website. Past site visitors will see ads specifically selected for their interests when they navigate to their favorite blog, news site, or social network on desktop and mobile.
      3. Positive/ Negative Re-targeting
        • A small pixel is placed on your website, landing page or on your product page. Once a user visits the site, an anonymous cookie gets stored in their browser. This lets Traffic Roots retargeting system recognize the user later as they visit other sites and display your retargeting ads. It can also target or exclude users who have reached specific steps within your website.
      4. Platform Targeting
        • Target specific platforms - Desktop, Mobile or Tablet.
      5. State Targeting
        • Target specific States, such as California or Colorado.
      6. County Targeting
        • Target specific Counties within any State.
      7. OS Targeting
        • Target specific Operating Systems, such as Windows or iOS.
      8. Browser Targeting
        • Target specific Browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox.
      9. Day of the Week
        • Show your campaign on specific days, such as Saturdays.
      10. Hour of the Day
        • Show your campaign only during selected hours in a given day.
  • 3. Can I set specific run times for my campaigns?
    • Yes! You can set the run times you desire for your ads.
  • 4. How do I check if my ad is performing?
    • Our platform is a self-serve platform which includes a Dashboard with all the necessary analytics on one page.
    • Check your stats and compare results across metrics to gain insight.
    • Compare performance of Creatives.
    • Use the Campaign Optimization function to exclude low performing sites.
  • 5. Do I have access to target mobile traffic?
    • Yes, you do have access to mobile traffic that can be segmented by device or operating system.
    • You can also segment to app traffic.
  • 6. How does Traffic Roots track my campaigns?
    • We have a sophisticated tracking pixel that is capable of pulling all the necessary analytics of your advertisement.
  • 7. Can I add GIFs as ads?
    • Yes, all animated artwork must be designed to display at a rate slower than 3 seconds per slide and should not be distracting to users.
  • 8. What are the benefits of using pixel tracking?
    • You can track sales by campaign, ad creative, traffic source, and much more.
    • You can place higher bids on sites bringing more sales.
    • You can check the performance of each banner (CTR, Conversions, etc..) and determine the best promotion to use.
    • You can create more specific campaigns.
  • 9. Where can I see a list of your rates by country?

    We don`t keep a list of rates, as rates fluctuate almost every minute.

  • 10. What ad formats do you provide?
    • Traffic Roots offers various ad formats for both desktop and mobile devices: display banners, pop unders, interstitials, push ups, direct links and slider ads.
  • 11. What banner sizes do you offer?
    • We offer the most popular banner sizes:
      1. 320 x 50
      2. 728 x 90
      3. 300 x 250
      4. 160 x 600
      5. 468 x 60
      6. 800 x 440
    • If you don`t see a size you need, you may request it from your Personal Manager.
  • 12. What should I do once registered for the site?

    After registering for an account and verifying your email, simply login to your account and click ‘Profile’.
    Inside ‘Profile’ you will find the fields to fill out all of your account information.

  • 13. How do I add funds to my account?

    As an advertiser you have several pages that contain the Add Funds button:

    1. Advertiser > Dashboard (Scroll down to the Campaigns Table)

    2. Campaigns

    3. Profile > Advertiser Account Tab

    Upon being taken to the Add Funds form:

    - Enter funds – there is a minimum deposit of $1,000.
    - Enter payment method.
    - Upon completion you will receive a confirmation email and funds will be added to your account.
    - If you are experiencing any issues with making a payment, please email us at

  • 14. Why was my campaign rejected?

    Possible Reasons:

    • Account Verification is in progress. We will contact you within 72hrs – this is usually only for new or returning Advertising clients, and completed with 24hrs.
    • Banner/Landing Page contains or promotes an illegal/banned product – Models that look below the age of 18, portrayal of drug use, and/or products known to contain malware, etc. are strictly prohibited in advertising materials.
    • Banners are not uploaded correctly – there’s a technical problem causing banners to not able to be displayed on the network.
    • Banners or landing pages with auto-play sound/video are not permitted on Traffic Roots campaigns – unless activated only on (cursor) hover.
    • Banners showing a phone number/website must be CPM based.
    • Bid/Budget is not realistic for the traffic targeted: excessively high bids or a budget that does not cover the traffic volumes anticipated.
    • Copyright infringement – images, banners, pages or texts where we have received a DMCA claim to those materials.
    • Fake virus or scan alerts are strictly prohibited. Claiming a visitor has a virus or fake scanning the visitors device are not permitted.
    • HTML is not accepted by the premium publisher targeted. Some premium publishers block HTML/iFrame campaigns.
    • Javascript pop-over advertising on popunders not allowed: Strictly forbidden and will result in account suspension/account closure if found after initial approval.
    • Landing page not working – We are unable to see the landing page submitted based on your target settings.
    • Landing page or product offered contains malware: Will result in account suspension/account closure if found after initial approval.
    • Landing Page for popunders can not go directly to Google Play/App store – A pre-lander is required for the popunder format.
    • No traffic available based on your campaign settings: Check the “Your Selection” box on the right side settings of your campaign. If it’s zero, this means there is no traffic.
    • Verification failed – We are unable to work with you. Therefore the campaign can not be accepted.
    • Your campaign is in violation of premium site rules: Some premium publishers have specific exclusions – e.g. no exit pop-ups, no fake video players or fake “X” exit signs.
  • 15. Which payment options do you accept?
    • We accept all major credit/debit cards.
    • Account Balance can be monitored on the Dashboard.
  • 16. How much will it cost me to advertise?
    • We utilize the CPC/CPM pricing model.
    • Pricing is dependent upon how much you are willing to spend on your campaigns.
      • If your target audience is very specific due to your needs, we will give you the best results possible in that target.
      • If your target is broad and does not require detailed targeting pricing can drop.
    • Our pricing model is simple. To begin, you must start with a small deposit which goes directly into your account to be used on your campaigns.
    • There are no extra fees.
  • 17. Is there a frequency capping function?
    • Yes, you can do frequency capping within a 24 hour period.
      • Ex. 2 per 24 hours , 4 per 24 hours.
  • 18. If I'm a Publisher, can I also be an Advertiser?
    • Yes! We allow our publishers to place ads on our network and have access to both their ads and their site, all on the same dashboard.
    • You can receive analytics on how your site is performing as well as analytics on your ads in our network.
  • 19. Do I receive an invoice?
    • You will receive an invoice every time a deposit is made, after it has cleared.
  • 20. How can I monitor my ads?

    Our self serve platform allows you to see analytics in real time on your Advertiser dashboard, you can monitor:

    1. CPC
    2. CPM
    3. CTR
    4. Impressions
    5. Clicks
    6. Account Balance
    7. Ad Spend
    8. Target Audiences
      1. Location
      2. Browsers
      3. Devices
      4. Operating Systems
    9. Daily budgets
    10. Ad run times
  • 21. How long does it take for my campaign to be approved?
    • Usually less than 24 hours.
  • 22. Do I need to approve my ads everytime?
    • If the link and image has received prior approval and it hasn’t been changed, you do not need to go through the approval process again.
  • 23. What are the pricing models?


    • CPM ( Cost Per Mille) – The amount an advertiser pays for one thousand advertisement impressions, regardless of the consumer’s subsequent actions.

    Learn more about  pricing models on our blog.


  • 24. Why is my ad not performing?
    • You may not have the most ideal Targeted Audience for your brand
    • Keywords may not be relevant to your brand
    • Ad may not be linking to the proper site
    • Ad created may not be portraying your brand accurately
    • Try A-B testing to find what works best for your brand
  • 1. What is Traffic Roots?

    Traffic Roots is a Digital Ad Network. We’ve built our self service platform to meet the needs of a wide variety of publishing and media verticals – from traditional, web based campaigns, to closed circuit displays, to emerging video ads, and streaming television markets. We can monetize your traffic. If you’ve got a product or service to market, we can get it to reach the right eyes and boost your conversions like never before.

  • 2. Can I sign up as an individual?
    • Whichever service you are looking for – advertising or publishing – you can register in 2 minutes by clicking on the Sign Up button on our website.
    • Before registering, please make sure you agree with Traffic Root’s Terms and Conditions.

  • 3. Which payment options do you accept?
    • We accept all major credit/debit cards.
    • Account Balance can be monitored on the Dashboard.
  • 4. How do I get started?

    Whichever service you are looking for – advertising or publishing – you can register in 2 minutes by clicking on the Sign Up button on our website.

    If you are an Advertiser:

    1. Fund your account.
    2. Submit your Links and Media in the Library.
    3. Create Campaigns using your approved Links and Media.
    4. Create Re-Targeting Audiences and deploy the pixels to the proper places on your website.
    5. Create Conversion pixels and deploy them to the "Thank You" page that your customers see after purchase.
    6. Compare performance on you Campaigns and adjust Targeting options accordingly to optimize your results.
    7. Create Re-Targeted Campaigns to focus on people who have already visited your site.
    8. Track your conversions!

    If you are a Publisher:

    1. Define your websites.
    2. Define any additional Zones besides the default.
    3. Deploy Zone invocation code to your site pages.
    4. Optimize your layouts to draw users' attention to Ads.
    5. Try to use all different Ad zone sizes.
    6. Optimize your pages for Mobile traffic and use Mobile sizes.
    7. Monitor your CTR performance by Zone and make adjustments.
    8. Drive quality traffic to your site!
  • 5. What time zone are the stats in?
    • Pacific Standard Time
  • 6. How can I contact Traffic Roots?
    • You can find us on all major Social Media Platforms.
    • You can email us at
  • 1. How do I get started on Traffic Roots as a Publisher?
    • Click the Sign Up button and follow the instructions to Register
    • Under "Select a role", choose “Publisher”
  • 2. How do I add my site?
    1. Click to “Publisher" -> "Sites” on the left-side menu bar.
    2. On the right hand side click the “Add Site” button
      • If you have multiple sites, you would repeat the same steps for each site.
      • Make sure to select a category. Categories are used to determine the type of site/content you provide, to better match advertisers to your site.
  • 3. How long does it take to get my website approved?
    • Websites are reviewed and approved in less than 12-24 hours.
  • 4. What may be some reasons why my website was rejected?
    • It's a fraudulent Site.
    • It has unsafe traffic.
    • It has poor layout.
    • It has minimal traffic.
  • 5. Why choose Traffic Roots?

    Traffic Roots provides publishers with the technology to monetize their website with a single platform that brings thousands of advertisers to the site.

    We serve a global audience which allows publishers to monetize traffic beyond the US and Canada.

    We also provide a user-friendly dashboard that shows comprehensive statistics on your advertising revenue.

    Our real-time bidding platform creates a competitive marketplace for advertisers to bid on traffic and maximize your ad real estate.

    Our team has been in the ad industry for many years, serving over 1 billion impressions a day. We bring our experience and expertise to this growing industry.

  • 6. What is an Ad Zone?

    An Ad Zone is a zone which is determined by the site owner where the ads will be placed and served.

    We want to make sure you have full control of where the ads are placed to provide a cohesive experience for visitors.

    • An example of an ad zone is a leaderboard (size 728 x 90 )
  • 7. Where do I find my ad zone codes?
    • Under sites you click on the “zones” button for the desired site
      • If you have multiple sites, make sure to grab the right code for the right site.


  • 8. What are the dimensions of ads in my ad zones?
    • Below are the dimensions of typical ad zones:
      • Leaderboard: 728x90px (most popular)
      • Medium Rectangle: 300x250px (most popular)
      • Mobile: 320 x 50px (most popular)
      • Wide Sidebar: 160x400px
      • Sidebar: 200x400px
      • Half Page: 300x600px
      • Wide Skyscraper: 160x600px
      • Billboard: 970x250px
      • Super Leaderboard: 970x90px
  • 9. Will Traffic Roots integrate with my site?
    • Yes, you do not need to reconfigure your site or change anything. You only need to add the provided Ad code to the ad zones you desire.
  • 10. Will I be giving up total control of my site to Traffic Roots?
    • No, we only send ads to the assigned ad zones you create on your site.
    • You are free to use our service alongside other networks.
    • We are also available on Prebid, for those who employ header bidding on their site.
  • 11. Will ads show up on mobile traffic?
    • If your site is mobile responsive, the ads will adapt to mobile ad zones and will be displayed in a similar fashion as the desktop version.
    • You can improve performance dramatically by making the needed changes on your site to recognize mobile visitors and serve them mobile size ads, such as 320x50.  The majority of traffic across the web is now mobile, so the importance of this step cannot be overstated.
  • 12. How is my traffic monitored?
    • Traffic is monitored through our dashboard, which is available for our clients to use anytime by logging into our site.
      • You can view real-time analytics to monitor your traffic and ad revenue.
  • 13. How do I see my earnings?
    • You can see your earnings on the client dashboard which is available anytime online.
  • 14. How can I increase traffic on my site?
    • Publishers are able to become advertisers on our platform as well. This will allow publishers to advertise their own site to increase traffic and create more awareness.
    • Additionally, driving social media users to your site is another good tactic to increase user engagement.
    • Employ an effective SEO strategy.  Make sure your site is well indexed.
    • Make sure your site is mobile responsive.
  • 15. When will I get paid?

    Publishers will get paid at the end of the month if they have earned at least $250, otherwise you will not be paid until you’ve earned $250.

  • 16. How will I get paid?

    Publishers get paid through ACH or Check.

  • 17. How do I increase my earnings?
    • You can increase your earnings by engaging your audience to increase time on your site.
    • Make sure your site recognizes Mobile visitors and is responsive accordingly.
    • Layout your site effectively, drawing attention to the ad zones.
    • Don't use too many ad placements or overwhelm your visitors.
    • Make sure you drive quality traffic to your site with proper SEO and promotion.
  • 18. How are my earnings calculated?
    • Earnings are calculated based on traffic stats provided by our platform, using our dashboard stats.
  • 19. Can I use Traffic Roots ads with Google Adsense ads or other ad networks?
    • You can use multiple sources and we do work with other ad networks. Just be sure not to over-saturate your site with banners and pop-unders.
  • 20. Can I exclude certain ads or types of ads?
      • Yes, we have a tagging system that allows you to exclude certain ads or even a category of ads. For example:
        • Medical - CBD, Beauty products, CBD Oil, tinctures
        • Business - Industry reports, insurance, CPA services, Consulting
        • Agriculture - Trimming machines, lights, nutrients
        • Cultural products - accessories, vape pens, grinders, glass