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Whichever service you are looking for – advertising or publishing – you can register in 2 minutes by clicking on the Sign Up button on our website.

If you are an Advertiser:

  1. Fund your account.
  2. Submit your Links and Media in the Library.
  3. Create Campaigns using your approved Links and Media.
  4. Create Re-Targeting Audiences and deploy the pixels to the proper places on your website.
  5. Create Conversion pixels and deploy them to the “Thank You” page that your customers see after purchase.
  6. Compare performance on you Campaigns and adjust Targeting options accordingly to optimize your results.
  7. Create Re-Targeted Campaigns to focus on people who have already visited your site.
  8. Track your conversions!

If you are a Publisher:

  1. Define your websites.
  2. Define any additional Zones besides the default.
  3. Deploy Zone invocation code to your site pages.
  4. Optimize your layouts to draw users’ attention to Ads.
  5. Try to use all different Ad zone sizes.
  6. Optimize your pages for Mobile traffic and use Mobile sizes.
  7. Monitor your CTR performance by Zone and make adjustments.
  8. Drive quality traffic to your site!
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