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Our network will help you optimize your ads within compliance. When you set up any campaign, this is done in tab 1 “Campaign Details” under “Product Category.”

The audiences you build in your data management platform (DMP) will show your ads to anyone fitting that target once the audience is assigned to your campaign. This includes any of our up to 160,000 URL’s and App’s.

To view these placements and optimize:


  • From your Traffic Roots DSP, hit the “Advertiser” dropdown menu on the left sidebar.


  • Next, hit “Campaigns” from that dropdown and you will open all of your campaigns/line items.


  • To the right of each campaign (line item) hit the drop down menu reading “Select an Option”


  • Select “Site Targeting.”


Here, you can organize by the metrics you are most interested in and turn off the URL’s with high impressions but not giving you optimized click through rates.

Pro-tip: consider sites with more than 500 impressions on any chosen date range to be a statistically significant number and consider removing the URL from further ads if it shows no clicks or a CTR lower than the average for the campaign. Additionally, you’ll want to keep working these lists this way as you would any white lists. This is also how you start crafting your custom white lists and/or grow them out with more data.

Always create new whitelists if you change the targeted audience. We’d be happy to demo this drill down for you. Reach out any time!

Traffic Roots Ad Network URLs

Some of our Publishers

advertise on
advertise on Hearst
Rolling Stones Cannabis and CBD Advertising
Huffpost cannabis and CBD advertising
Fader cannabis and CBD advertising
advertise on Vouge
advertise on page six
advertise on the knot
Advertise on Vanity Fair
New York Post logo traffic roots publisher SSP network
Glamour logo traffic roots publisher SSP network logo traffic roots publisher SSP network
Fox Sports logo traffic roots publisher SSP network


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