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Possible Reasons:

  • Account Verification is in progress. We will contact you within 72hrs – this is usually only for new or returning Advertising clients, and completed with 24hrs.
  • Banner/Landing Page contains or promotes an illegal/banned product – Models that look below the age of 18, portrayal of drug use, and/or products known to contain malware, etc. are strictly prohibited in advertising materials.
  • Banners are not uploaded correctly – there’s a technical problem causing banners to not able to be displayed on the network.
  • Banners or landing pages with auto-play sound/video are not permitted on Traffic Roots campaigns – unless activated only on (cursor) hover.
  • Banners showing a phone number/website must be CPM based.
  • Bid/Budget is not realistic for the traffic targeted: excessively high bids or a budget that does not cover the traffic volumes anticipated.
  • Copyright infringement – images, banners, pages or texts where we have received a DMCA claim to those materials.
  • Fake virus or scan alerts are strictly prohibited. Claiming a visitor has a virus or fake scanning the visitors device are not permitted.
  • HTML is not accepted by the premium publisher targeted. Some premium publishers block HTML/iFrame campaigns.
  • Javascript pop-over advertising on popunders not allowed: Strictly forbidden and will result in account suspension/account closure if found after initial approval.
  • Landing page not working – We are unable to see the landing page submitted based on your target settings.
  • Landing page or product offered contains malware: Will result in account suspension/account closure if found after initial approval.
  • Landing Page for popunders can not go directly to Google Play/App store – A pre-lander is required for the popunder format.
  • No traffic available based on your campaign settings: Check the “Your Selection” box on the right side settings of your campaign. If it’s zero, this means there is no traffic.
  • Verification failed – We are unable to work with you. Therefore the campaign can not be accepted.
  • Your campaign is in violation of premium site rules: Some premium publishers have specific exclusions – e.g. no exit pop-ups, no fake video players or fake “X” exit signs.
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