GeoFence Advertising

Target Your Direct Competitors Using GeoConquesting

Establishing your marketing strategy and target audience can be difficult when you are starting at square one. It is hard to know who is going to be most interested in your products. Not only that but then establishing an effective way to target those users.

  • GeoFence advertising: you don’t have to start at square one.
  • GeoFencing to build an established audience based on who shops your competition.
  • GeoConquesting: advertise to your competitors customers.

GeoFence Data for Advertising

The answer is geo-fencing. You may know it as geo-framing as well or geo-targeting. In this case, geo-fencing allows you to create an audience from a given location (or two or 20,000) instead targeting users that are actively in a location. While, you can run ads to those users when they are in a state, zip code, etc., you can also serve them ads, regardless of where they are right now, so long as they have walked into one of your GeoFrame locations on the dates you selected as important for your campaign.

Traffic Roots’ GeoFence technology will allow you to find users who have been in the chosen geo-fenced location. Create a custom targeted audience in our data management platform and target them through our demand side platform (DSP) built for brands like yours.

You can choose to allow that audience count to build by adding new customers daily, weekly, monthly or whatever means the most for your conversions. If you have targeted everyone at a convention, then of course, you would keep the audience to just those dates that you selected. You may also find it useful to only have an audience from people at the location within the last 30 days, or a couple of months. This is your data management platform (DMP) and you have complete control.

GeoFence Case Use

Let’s put together an example to make it simpler:

You’re opening up a burger place in town and you want people who like burgers to come to your place. You could just put a sign up that says “Best Burgers Sold Here” but that wouldn’t really be a hyper targeted ad. Target against your competitor’s audience instead. You could build an audience of every single McDonalds in town. Why stop there, geo-fence every Burger King and Carl’s Jr while you are at it. 

GeoFence advertising is your solution. Here’s your magic wand; let’s do this, Advertising Wizard!

Now you have a solid audience of people that you know for sure visit burger places on a regular basis. Looks like you are not at square one anymore, you have got a leg up on the competition. More importantly, you can continue to build this audience with new visitors as time passes. 

GeoFence Demographic and Insights Reports

What information can I see about those people in my audience group?

In a nutshell, Karen? Everything… click into an example of an audience report and let us know how you’ll be using them. We’d be happy to tell you what forms of wizardry we are up. We’ll get you going in the right direction.


GeoFence advertising platform

Find People Who Visit and Continue to Target Them!

The features on the Traffic Roots’ Demand Side Platform allows you to do this with ease, allowing you to be hyper targeted with your ads and create stellar performance. Geo-fencing is a feature that does not have to work alone, you can implement retargeting, device targeting, and platform targeting as well. This gives you the ability to really hone in on your target audience and ramp up business. It will also make you the envy of your competitors who are falling behind now because you have found a tool that will increase your revenue 10x. 

The sooner you can establish this strategy the better. It is crucial to begin building audiences and continue to understand the demographics of your ideal audience in order to create scale and growth.