Holiday Marketing

We know you keep hearing how important holiday sales are and how you have to stay out in front of your clients to continue to drive awareness for your brand. So why aren’t you listening?

Did you think this was going to be a nicer blog?

The truth is as a brand you have to be doing all of these things to continue to scale and grow. Unfortunately, we see lots of brands put marketing on the back burner and not commit fully to driving more traffic and testing out to improve results. In this blog we will cover strategies and tips that will help you get a better hold on your holiday marketing strategy. It is not too late to drive sales and it is never too late to drive more awareness for your brand. Get people interested in your brand and your mission. This will create a great loyalty and a solid customer base for years to come.

Holiday Marketing – Push For Sales

I can’t stress this enough, you must take advantage of the holiday season and use the opportunity of holiday shoppers to learn more about your customers and yourself. Active shoppers can quickly show you what they like and don’t like. This allows you to dig deep into the data and adjust your strategy accordingly. Holiday marketing is you barometer for the next year.

It is important to learn about your customers and follow them through their journey on your site. Although you are seeing a lot of other brands pushing and it may seem that the playing field is tough you still have to get out there and fight for those customers. Find a way to best appeal to customers and grab their attention.

We are seeing highly targeted campaigns reaching users that are actively ready to buy across our network. Campaigns offering deals and discounts in their holiday advertising have performed 5x better than simple branding campaigns. Driving more sales will allow you to justify the discounted rates for the holiday season. Depending on your product you can generate amazing lifetime value from converting them with a first time discount. Everyone is looking for deals right now. The trick is to make your deal so appealing that they can’t resist. 


Custom Links and Creatives

New marketers make the common mistake of sending users to a single page. Every shopper… lumped together with no consideration for what drives and motivates their wallet. If you want to truly create results, you must generate different landing pages that speak to your custom audience. This allows you to gather more data and provide users relevant information in conjunction with the ad creatives you are running.

Holiday Advertising and Checkout

If your ad has a discount but users can’t find the actual promotion they were offered, they are going to be quite. And fast (so watch those bounce rates in analytics!) This is a situation where sending users to the wrong page can actually be detrimental to your brand and make it look as if you are misleading buyers. I am sure you would be upset if you were excited about the brand you love giving you a deal only to find out that there is no deal. User experience is key. Trust is very important when you are looking to create a long lasting brand. 

Same goes for the imagery and copy that you add to your advertisement. You want to include imagery that goes with the season and continues to stay fresh and relevant. Using holiday relevant content will show potential clients that your products are not outdated. It shows that your brand is staying fresh and continuously catering to clients. Using the same general ads that you used at other times of the year will not stand out to clients because they become so accustomed to them that they just ignore them. “Banner Blindess.” Sadly, this is done subconsciously and I am sure you have done it yourself. Ads get stale and holiday ads have a small lifespan so you need to have enough ads to test and get data quickly. Remember you still want your branding and mission to stay consistent but you have to test imagery and copy to achieve the best results possible. 

This is relevant whether you are a CBD topical brand looking to provide users better skin or a car dealership looking to drive more car sales for gifts and end of year sales. Check out the examples to see.

Holiday Marketing Strategy 

As you can see, you definitely do not want to miss the opportunity to market to an active purchasing audience. Everyone is looking for guidance right now on what to purchase for gifts or simply treat themselves for the holiday season. So make sure you have all the landing pages and product pages ready to go and begin testing today. Traffic Roots gives you extensive data to make educated decisions on your ads. If you are tracking everything properly you will find that it is easy to scale up what works for you. Our team can always help out to make sure you have all these things in place. Connect with an experienced Traffic Roots media buyer today.