We are a programmatic advertising marketplace that can get your business, brand, or product seen by millions. Traffic Roots offers both Self Service and Managed display and video ad placements on 160,000+ mainstream websites – without all of the content and policy restrictions as seen on other platforms. With both macro and micro audience targeting options, Traffic Roots can deliver more conversions for less CPC/CPM. 

Choose Traffic Roots First For Your Online Advertising Needs

At Traffic Roots, we offer macro and micro targeting strategies unavailable on other platforms. Our audience data is unmatched in the industry.

We empower advertisers to scale their digital efforts by reaching more consumers on reputable websites with minimum effort. Our network provides traffic from traditionally unavailable niches through our trusted network of lifestyle branded websites.

It is our goal to increase advertiser and publisher success by creating an advertising platform built for niche audiences interested in modern lifestyle brands and products. We have a wide network of websites that offer advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with high quality content currently unavailable with Facebook, Google, and other advertising networks.

For Advertisers

Our proprietary advertising network offers granular targeting, robust conversion tracking, and cheaper placements on reputable sites.

For Publishers

Traffic Roots provides publishers with the unique opportunity to monetize their website by getting in front of thousands of advertisers, instantly.

Display Advertising Audience Profiles for Highly Regulated Businesses

We offer a unique type of audience that can not be reached through traditional display advertising platforms. From sports to music to cannabis advertising topics we have worked hard to build a network that caters to many niche modern lifestyles.

Lifestyles Advertising

Create a presence for your alternative healing products to reach an audience of health conscious individuals on Natural healing/Healthy Lifestyle sites. Traffic Roots ad network allows you to reach a mainstream audience of users looking for new healing alternatives.

Sports Advertising

As an active lifestyle brand selling accessories for those on the go you can explore the Extreme Sports audience. Traffic Roots ad network has the ability to reach a variety of Sports sites which allows you to appeal to a new audience and grow your brand. This includes snowboarding, skating, BMX, etc.

Regulated Industries

With more restrictions on advertised products and services than ever before on networks like Google Ads and Facebook, it can be hard to get your message to your audience. Traffic Roots gives highly regulated industries the placements they need.

Music Advertising

Traffic Roots ad network has Geo-targeting and can place your ads on prominent music sites that range from; Reggae, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock. Targeting these audiences can significantly increase ticket/album sales and awareness for your artists.

Achieve Your Digital Advertising Goals

Easy to Use

Our digital advertising platform is built to be simplistic for all types of users yet able to offer advanced features for experienced advertisers to capitalize on our unique audience.

Global Solution

We provide a global solution and monetize traffic from every country, worldwide. Traffic Roots helps you create ads tailored to your audience’s interests, habits, and location, with a 100% fill-rate.

Real-time Stats

Life doesn’t pause for data. Neither do we. Traffic Roots offers real-time, comprehensive statistics on your ads. Filter by geographic zone, or see how you’re doing on the whole.

Targeted Digital Advertising Platform For Niche Markets

Traffic Roots is built by a team of industry veterans who know what it is like to count daily impressions in the billions. We built our self service platform to meet the needs of a wide variety of publishing and media verticals – from traditional, web based campaigns to closed circuit displays to emerging video ads and streaming television markets.

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Join our network and access exclusive features, while adding your own distinctiveness to our environment. The bigger we get, the better you will do. Our sales team are relentlessly pursuing all related sites and products in an effort to present the most diverse lifestyle network in this space.


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Display Advertising

Advertisers, reach our unique audience!

Get a first-hand introduction to the largest audience of prospective buyers and clients. We meticulously developed our ad software to connect you to sites and consumers with the biggest buying potential for you, earning you more money without ever breaking a sweat. Running a digital ad campaign across a multi-channel network is easy and affordable with Traffic Roots.