Finding your audience is the most important goal for marketers and it is always an ongoing journey. Marketers are consistently prospecting for new users and continuing to build from retargeting campaigns to re-engage existing users. In order to continue building that list of existing users, the prospecting has to continue as well. New users must be found in order for your retargeting audience to stay strong and scale. 

We do understand that prospecting can be difficult and it takes patience. More importantly, it takes data to find new users/consumers effectively. This is where things get interesting and we provide you the tools to attack this more effectively. 

Lookalike Audiences!

What is a lookalike audience, you ask?

increase return on ad spend with lookalike audiences

Maybe some of you have seen Lookalike audiences on mainstream platforms like Facebook but on Traffic Roots we build audiences a little differently. Also we don’t push away CBD and cannabis advertisers like they do, we welcome you with open arms! 

Now let’s talk about Lookalike Audiences. In a nutshell Lookalikes are just what they sound like. It is an audience built from your existing audiences to provide you a way better way to reach cold audiences that serve like warm audiences but much bigger. Our system takes your existing audience and begins to break down the attributes of the audience in order to build an audience that can compliment it with new users. Although the audience is a cold audience it isn’t freezing cold, we would say lukewarm. This is because when our system matches attributes of a warm audience in order to create it which gives you an audience that will definitely perform better than a traditional cold audience. While you may have a good idea of what your ideal user is, Traffic Roots provides you the tools to find your ideal client with more ease and scale. Lookalike audiences help you grow your reach significantly by finding new users interested in your brand. 

Let’s play matchmaker!

Traffic Roots’ system is a sophisticated system that allows you to build out your ideal audience attributes to create audience segments that can benefit your marketing strategy. More importantly, this informed audience building helps optimize your media spend, increase ROI, and decrease your cost per acquisition.  

Lookalike Audiences

Using Lookalike Audiences

Within the Traffic Roots platform you can utilize lookalike audiences in any campaign. Our system allows you to use multiple audiences on a single campaign as well as pair with other audiences built in our data platform. These audiences can range from geo-fenced audiences to demographic or interest based audiences. 

However, we must manage your expectation and let you know that if you run multiple audiences that are coming from different segments and parameters, performance can be difficult to decipher. Inexperienced marketers may see and increase in performance due to the effectiveness of the targeting but a true marketer needs to pinpoint what is working and why.  Which can be difficult to do if you stack many audiences along with multiple creatives that all have different points of view. 

As marketers we must keep track of our data and be very meticulous about our goals and strategies. Different custom audiences will match different goals, so It is important to recognize those goals and utilize your audiences accordingly. 

Successful Audiences

We all want to have successful marketing campaigns and when we begin to hone in on what works we definitely double down. Once you find what works then the fun begins and the sales start coming in in droves. This means you have an audience that has continuously driven sales for you and building from that audience will definitely generate results. If your warm audience has generated hundreds of sales already then it is probably a great candidate for a lookalike audience. 

expand target audience with Look-a-like audiences

Don’t get comfortable and keep testing and adding layers to improve performance. Take into account an audience that has proven success for your strategy consistently. This audience can continue to provide results for you as well as provide you data for valuable lookalike audiences.

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