This is huge… Mexico makes history today!

On Monday morning the Mexican Supreme Court struck down a law that criminalized the used of recreational cannabis. Ruling was won 8-3 in favor of decriminalizing recreational cannabis. 

This ruling was placed in effect to help reduce cartel violence fueled by the illegal sale of drugs. 

Although cannabis was already medically legal, this was not enough for advocates. The use of medicinal cannabis has been legal since 2017.

Four years later we see amazing progress with decriminalization of recreational cannabis as well as the cultivation and harvesting of cannabis plants(with a permit). 

A permit will also be required for recreational use from the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks(Cofepris). With said permit an individual can hold up to 28 grams of Cannabis. Lastly, users must be over the age of 18 per the Supreme Court ruling.

The court made it very specific that this substance should not be in the hands of minors and will continue to stand tall on the issue. 

After a few tumultous years for advocates since the medicinal cannabis ruling they can finally declare a victory. Although, we all know that it is not that simple and things will get complicated before they get simpler. That being said, it is still a victory and we are truly excited to see our neighbors to the south make this historic ruling and will continue to serve clients in Mexico, US, and Canada to keep the North American market strong! 

What does this mean for the North American cannabis industry?

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