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Announcing our Newest Publisher:

Display your cannabis and CBD brands and ancillary services on MJBiz Daily, Hemp Biz Daily, MJBiz Magazine and Marijuana Business Daily International.

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MJBiz Daily Ad Placement for Cannabis B2B Advertising

Founded in 2011, Marijuana Business Daily is the most trusted, independent publisher and event producer serving America’s cannabis industry entrepreneurs and investors.

Cited by the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Dow Jones, Harvard Business Review Blog and a host of other media, our team of professional business journalists, researchers and event producers are dedicated to bringing the cannabusiness community the unbiased information and connections it needs to thrive.

(If you are new to programmatic ad buying, brush up on ad tech and DSP acronyms)

Cannabis Ancillary Products and Services Advertising

  • Cannabis Lawyers
  • CBD, Hemp and THC Packaging Solutions
  • Cannabis Banking Solutions
  • Cannabis Advertising and Marketing Agencies
  • Dispensary Realtors
  • Cannabis Licensing Services
  • CBD and Cannabis Website Developers

How To Set Up Cannabis B2B Campaigns in 3 Steps

  1. Build your custom audience in your Traffic Roots DMP
  2. Publish your audience to the Traffic Roots DSP
  3. Start your campaign and turn off all URL’s except for those you are getting the most clicks from, and/or only run on MJBiz branded URL’s

If you’d like more assistance with how to best run cannabis business to business and CBD advertising campaigns, just reach out. We’ve been running cannabis and CBD advertising on our own SSP and others for over four years. We can help you get set up or refer you to someone who will. If we don’t have your solutions, we know who may.

Let’s talk; we’d love to show you our new demographic and psychographic targeting tool. Reach your digital advertising audience. Show your ads where your consumers spend time online.