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Advertise Your Stores While Remaining Compliant Across State Lines

As a multi state cannabis operator, you have a lot to juggle: Ensuring that your ads are in compliance, driving foot traffic to your locations, beating the competition, staying up on state laws, and more.

Traffic Roots is a multi-purpose ad network for publishers and advertisers, placing cannabis ads on non-cannabis mainstream sites. Our proprietary ad platform allows you to advertise to cannabis consumers while complying with state regulations, allowing you to focus on product consistency, managing your production facilities, securing capital, and negotiating legal challenges.

Using Traffic Roots’ highly effective targeting options, multi-state operators can get the most value for their ad dollars by running ads on mainstream publisher sites in all of their operating areas. This multi-point strategy ensures that consumers get the multi-state products where they live.

Advertising Options For Multistate Cannabis Operators

As a multi state operator, you’re extremely limited in your cannabis advertising options. Even if you mainly target states where recreational cannabis is legal, regulations differ across state lines, and can change almost overnight. We understand that you want to get in on the ground floor of new cannabis markets across state lines. Here’s how we can help you scale and reach new and existing customers:

Proprietary GEO Targeting

We can generate GEO frames for each of your dispensary locations, identify foot traffic, and create a targeting audience based on the data. You’ll get data points such as visits by hour, zip codes, age, dwelling type, marital status, interest, charitable contributions, income, home ownership status, heatmap data, and more. Here’s a sample report for two dispensary locations in Las Vegas that we previously worked with.

Once we had the data, we used the insights to create a lookalike audience to increase brand exposure, and targeted those with similar demographic and psychographic profiles. We’ll work with you to advertise your cannabis brands, storefronts, products, and services using our micro or macro targeting options — get as high-level or as deep as you’d like.

Competitor Targeting

Using the same proprietary GEO framing technology, we can target your competitors, and drive them to your dispensary location. We can also GEO frame other retail locations with similar consumers, such as yoga studios, natural food stores, events, concerts, liquor stores, etc.

Retargeting Existing Cannabis Consumers

If someone walks into one of your dispensary locations (regardless of whether they complete a purchase or not), we can retarget them using their MAID, and send them offers to return to your location.

A Case Study in Cannabis

A Pennsylvania MSO came to us because they had a dispensary that was having difficulty marketing multiple locations across state lines. They wanted to increase awareness as they opened new locations, and as commuters in the tri-state area continued their search for a trusted cannabis retailer. We implemented geo-targeting campaigns to segment traffic solely to states with the brand’s cannabis retail locations, and used a retargeting pixel to capture users that landed on the MSO’s website. Graphics, copy, and an email lead capture form were used to increase awareness as the MSO launched their new location, and we only ran display ads.

The 60-day campaign ran with a 30-day preemptive retargeting build, and was geo-targeted to the tri-state area to prevent wasted impressions outside of the MSO’s audience reach. The campaign resulted in 4.2 million impressions and 12,500 clicks, with an average .34% CTR. The email capture list grew by 88%

Advertising Options

In addition to display ads, we can run display or video ads to over 160,000 mainstream websites to increase brand awareness. We can also serve OTT ads to connected smart TVs and devices. Our software allows us to find your users anywhere on the internet, and serve them an ad.


Once we run the initial campaign, we can provide ongoing reporting to highlight increases in foot traffic across all of your locations. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the challenges of the cannabis industry, and can build effective, compliant campaigns to promote your cannabis company.

Get Noticed In Your Markets

As a multi state operator, you have advantages over the smaller cannabis businesses, and Traffic Roots can help you capitalize on those. Your ability to react to market trends and avoid & mitigate problems based on experiences in other states is key, and Traffic Roots can help you develop brand recognition at the national level. The cannabis industry is growing, and Traffic Roots is here for the long haul to help you scale. Schedule a call to talk with one of our marketing experts.

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