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Sign up as a publisher using our ad platform to generate revenue from a variety of audience types. Our network will show high quality ads on your website that are specifically chosen for your niche. Approve CBD advertising for best blog monetizing.

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Join our general, online sports betting, cannabis or CBD advertising network and gain access to an exclusive set of advertisers. Traffic Roots is looking for websites and apps with lifestyle traffic.

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Our platform meets the needs of a wide variety of advertising needs. The greatest opportunities of being a Publisher with Traffic Roots lies in the unique audience you bring. You are a great value to our advertisers! Get the payment you deserve.


First, determine the location and size of the zones you would like advertisements to live on your website.

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Second, nsert a line of code of Traffic Roots code into your Ad Zone. This code will generate relevant ads to be posted to your site.

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You will receive ads that are targeted and relevant to your audience. Create higher conversions and value for your ad spaces. Ask about our new, higher paying video and native ad placements!

Mobile First

The current landscape for browsing has immensely shifted towards mobile devices. This means if you have significant mobile traffic, you will also see better results and a higher demand for your traffic.


Lastly, maximize your ad revenue by choosing our network that is on the forefront of new industries. Traffic Roots and you equals more money for your business to grow!

Cannabis, CBD, Political, Medical Trials, Online Sports Betting and General traffic.

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