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The Traffic Roots ad platform makes it easy to generate more revenue through your website. We manage the ads and you get paid for creating great content. Maximize your ad revenue with our high quality ads and dynamic creatives.

You bring the traffic, we bring the high earning ads!

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By joining our network, you will have access to an exclusive set of advertisers that are looking for websites with targeted traffic in lifestyle brands. Our sales team works relentlessly to offer you the most diverse lifestyle network on the web.

Our platform meets the needs of a wide variety of publishing and media verticals — from traditional web based campaigns, to closed circuit displays, to emerging video ads and streaming television markets. The greatest opportunities of being a Publisher with Traffic Roots lies in the unique audience you you bring to the table who are of great value to our advertisers.

You will receive ads that are targeted and relevant to your audience, in turn creating higher conversions and value for your ad spaces.

Advertisers will always pay top dollar for valuable traffic.

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We have a large variety of publishing websites from yoga, to music, healthy lifestyles, sports and even cannabis advertising. Our specialty is targeting niche website audiences and would love to learn more about your website readership. Connect with us to see how our ad network can improve your bottom line and better monetize your website.

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Earn money via a variety of different metrics, such as CPM (Cost Per Mille), CPC (Cost Per Click), and CPA (Cost Per Action).
We`re looking for valuable traffic, from websites big and small.
Our Advertisers are looking for Publishers that bring trustworthy, unique traffic to their brand. You can be the Publisher who brings valuable traffic into the ecosystem— whether big or small. The current landscape for browsing has immensely shifted towards mobile devices. This means if you have significant mobile traffic, you will also see better results and a higher demand for your traffic. Maximize your ad revenue by choosing our network that is on the forefront of new industries, and emerging niche lifestyle markets. We accept publishers of all sizes, from small blogs to large news networks.

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