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Traffic Roots is a programmatic marketplace that helps businesses and brands increase their marketing reach and return on investment by using display, pre-roll and post-roll video advertising, mobile ads, and banner ads served to custom audiences. With over 160,000 mainstream publishers, Traffic Roots has grown to be one of the top cannabis marketing platforms in the United States.

If you’re a part of the cannabis industry (or other highly regulated verticals) and are looking for a marketing platform to handle your advertising needs with less wasted spend and a higher return, Traffic Roots is your best option. We offer a self service and managed service hosted within a robust and proprietary DSP that will get your brand the impressions it deserves without the worry of policy violations and account restrictions typical with other demand-side advertising platforms.

Traffic Roots includes an award-winning suite of targeting tools that allow you to create audiences based upon locations, radius, demographics, and interest.

Industry Leading Technology That Gets Results

Agency Sub Accounts

If you’re an agency or MSO, you can silo your campaigns and budgets to stay organized and get the best return on your ad spend per campaign.

Look-Alike Audiences

Use our geo-fencing and geo-targeting technologies, you can serve your message to untapped consumers who are most likely to buy.

Live Reporting

Check your performance 24/7 from anywhere. See impressions, clicks, conversions broken down by audience in real-time.

All Ad Formats Accepted

Traffic Roots offers placements on mainstream sites for static banners, GIF ads, video ads, on both desktop and mobile devices.

All Advertisers Are Welcome

While we focus on the cannabis and CBD industries, we are happy to work with any business or brand looking to increase results from their digital marketing budgets.

Flat Rate Data

Traffic Roots offers unlimited demographic targeting per campaign for one flat CPM price. Create new audiences based on specific criteria, then remarket to non-converters.

Social Extension Audiences

Expand your audience to your target audience’s friends, family, gym buddies, co-workers, and more. Raise your brand / product awareness amongst eager consumers.

1st Party Data

Upload lists of your customers, MAIDs, email addresses, physical addresses, or IPs, and run your campaigns. Update as often as you’d like.

Advertise Your Storefront

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, more states are legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana, leading to a surge in dispensaries opening up across the nation. With more dispensaries competing for customers’ attention, dispensary advertising is incredibly important for each business to make their presence known.

But dispensary advertising doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. A smart dispensary marketing strategy involves marketing to the right audiences and locations. Traffic Roots empowers our dispensary clients with the tools necessary to run effective campaigns.

Our dispensary advertising services are designed to help your business succeed and get you the marketing impressions that drive revenue. Our proprietary software tracks the analytics on every one of our display advertisements and videos, allowing us to see exactly which ads are performing best for you.

Built for Growing Companies and Agencies

If you represent one or more clients, you might be looking for an advertising solution that works both for you and drives results for your portfolio. Traffic Roots can provide solutions whatever your business model and needs might be, and our experts are always willing and available to help should you or your team have questions.

While other platforms are sometimes hesitant about dealing with cannabis or other legally complex industries, Traffic Roots welcomes all advertisers. We work with agencies and businesses of all sizes and have the tools you need to run a successful campaign. Our marketing experts will work with you to craft a comprehensive advertising strategy that will drive both results and sustained growth.

Regardless of your specific needs, Traffic Roots has a team ready to help you. Whether you want to take the wheel for your own advertising with our self service options, or you would rather take a back seat and let us call the shots with out managed solutions, we’re here to help you get the most out of your advertising budget. Talk to us today.

Multi-State Solutions

Just like smaller dispensaries and CBD operations need an advertising solution, larger MSOs also need to make sure their advertising needs are taken care of, as well. Because MSOs are typically larger operations, you need an advertising solution that understands how to market effectively, keeping in mind the complicated legalities as you expand into other areas.

The best solution for MSO marketing involves a large, multi-pronged approach that puts your company in front of as many eyes as possible through a variety of media solutions. Traffic Roots has the experience and expertise needed to do just that. Better yet, our proprietary audience tools allow you to target based on micro or macro needs – from the local street-level, to counties, regions, and states.

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Let’s Ease The Pain Of Cannabis Marketing Together

If you’re tired of policy violation notices and disapproval messages from the larger ad networks, let’s talk. Not only are we friendly to all advertisers and their industries, we have the practical knowledge and the proprietary tools that will drive results.
Traffic Roots was founded on a philosophy of getting our advertisers better results at a lower cost. Whether you’re looking for brand lift, customers, clients, or leads – we can help. Schedule a call with one of our marketing specialists today.

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